Monday, May 4, 2015

Prim Stitchers Society Retreat - Williamsburg, VA

The first Prim Stitchers Society Retreat was held in Williamsburg, VA this past weekend.  A good time was had by all!  We didn't sign up for either of the classes since we were a vendor in the Merchant Mall . . . I knew we'd need a little free time if we were going to see any of Williamsburg.  As it was, we only had one short free morning.

We arrived at the Holdiay Inn Patriot and immediately saw several attendees tracing their punch needle project from Kathy Barrick right there at the Lobby windows.
 The projects from the Kathy and Lori were both cute as can be!
Here's Beth with her finished piece from Lori of Notforgotten Farm.

and Kathy Barrick's project . . . too cute!

My friend/Chief Sales Officer/personal assistant/keeper Kathie came with me to help set-up and run my table.  We had great fun getting it all ready.
There was a 24 hour "Stitchers Lounge" set up with snacks and beverages.  We dropped off our stitched exchange gifts and viewed the raffled piece that Nan from Threadwork Primatives created for the retreat . . . we never got a chance to buy any raffle tickets.

The "Stitchers Lounge" was a great place to get to know the other attendees and unfortunately we didn't have a lot of time to hang out there.  They were in class when we had time to stitch there and we were working the Merchant Mall when they took time to stitch after shopping.  We were pretty wiped out in the evenings after dinner and preferred to sit in our beds with our feet up to stitch.

The Merchant Mall was well attended by the Prim Stitchers and some locals on Friday.  These were all the pictures I had a chance to take before the shopping frenzy began!
 Black Branch Needleworks - LaDonna would not let me take her picture.
 Jennifer and Denise from Valley Needlworks brought the whole store I think!
 Look at all this great stuff they brought!  They're having a retreat in early October . . . visit their website for details:
 Homespun Elegance

 Elizabeth with all her yummy trims and other goodies!
Faye (The Carolina Stitcher) with her beautiful project bags!

 A lot of wonderfullness here at Teresa's Primitives!
 Nan's beautiful work at Threadwork Primitives.
 Lori's great displays and merchandise from Notforgotten Farm.
 Kathy Barrick's great designs and jewelry.
The wonderful European primitive representation.

YIKES!  The shoppers are arriving!

 The Merchant Mall was "revisited" by a lot of attendees on Saturday.  I guess they had to have one more look to see what they MUST have for their stash.  The vendors were hoping for a large local crowd as well, but they only trickled in.  There were a few local events happening in the area that may have lured our potential shoppers away.

We also had a "make-it/take-it" station manned by Christina.  She walked you through making your pinkeep mason jar lid and button needle minder.  Now where did I put those mason jars . . .

 At the final dinner we did the gift exchange.  I received this darling little pinkeep from Carolyn (whose birthday it was at the retreat) . . . we are forever chums now!  Thanks so much!!!!
 Our wonderful gift exchange scores! Love my little "Chums" piece from Carolyn. The carrot pins where a great addition to the beautiful drum Kathie received from Jeanne!

We also received a "parting gift" of the pattern and supplies (except the box) to stitch Nan's retreat piece!  What a great momento!

It was so much fun meeting some of the Prim Stitchers Society members that I have gotten to "know" and recognize from the Facebook page . . . a great group of gals.  It was also fun meeting Lori Brechlin and Kathy Barrick (the teachers at the retreat) . . . looking forward to getting to know them better at the Valley Needleworks retreat in October!

Sadly, it was time to go . . .

 All in all, it was a great first Retreat for the Prim Stitchers Society and the work that Terri and Ridgely put into the planning and execution was evident and greatly appreciated!!!!  Looking forward to next year in Atlanta!!!!


Monday, March 23, 2015

Williamsburg, VA in the Spring

I will be a vendor at the Prim Stitcher's Society Spring Retreat Merchant Mall at the Holiday Inn Patriot in Williamsburg, VA - Friday & Saturday May 1st & 2nd from 12:30 p.m - 5:30 p.m.  You don't have to be a retreat participant to enjoy the Merchant Mall . . . it's open to the public!
I'm so excited about this opportunity!  I've been busy making, sorting and packaging decorative pins, prim pins, scissor fobs and thread cards.  I've got key and crown charms and assorted rusty charms, bells and pins . . . and more!  I'll be bringing ALL of my charts and models and am working on display options.  How can a job be this much fun!
Williamsburg in the spring should be beautiful (as if it's not always beautiful)!  If you can't make the retreat, at least come by and visit the Merchant Mall . . . we'd love to see you!

Happy Stitching!


Thursday, March 5, 2015

Home From Nashville!

There is so much prep to do to get ready for Market and then it's here and over so quickly . . . you don't want it to end . . . just like Christmas!  Now the "jet lag" sets in.  The total exhaustion.  The let down.  The living room is full of bins overflowing with props . . . the leftover charts . . . the models tucked safely between bubble wrap.  They all need to be sorted through and repacked for the Merchandise Mart at the Prim Stitchers Society Spring Retreat in Williamsburg, VA the end of April/beginning of May.  At least I don't have to wait a whole year for "Christmas" again!

Leaving for Market was a challenge to say the least.  The hubs and I made the car switch (he takes my Bug, I take the Yukon).  He helped me load some of the heavy stuff . . . the models and the display shutters.  He took the puppy with him to his house (he works out of town) on Sunday so I could get the last minute stuff done before leaving on Thursday.  As usually happens this time of year, snow was predicted.  We got 5 inches of snow the night before we were to leave. 

My "CSO" (Chief Sales Officer I call her) Kathie and I decided to leave about 10 a.m. hoping the roads would be clear by then.  I got everything packed up leaving just enough room for Kathie's luggage and got in the car at 10 a.m.  Noooo . . . the battery was dead! 

Called the hubs . . . remarkably calm . . . and told him.  He called the dealership asking if someone could come out and replace the battery.  Of course, they couldn't send a mechanic, but they did send out a wrecker who was able to jump-start the car.  We live on a private road . . . of which none of us plow.  I couldn't tell if any of the other roads in the area were cleared.  The wrecker guy said that all the roads were in good shape except ours . . . whew!

Drove the car to the dealer and got there just before noon.  I think they all went to lunch.  I finally got out of there, grabbed a sandwich and Kathie and I got on the road at 2 p.m.  We made it to Nashville before dark . . . yea!  Got unloaded, grabbed some dinner at the hotel and got the room set up so we could spend Friday in Franklin . . . shopping!  Now we had to sell enough to make room for what we bought!

"Early Bird" shopping went great!  You could tell that the attitudes were positive and everyone was full of excitement!  The fellow designers I talked to were very pleased with attendance and sales.  A big thank you to Yarn Tree and Needlework Retailer for reviving Nashville!!!

We did have an opportunity to do a little Market shopping ourselves on Sunday.  Oh . . . so many great things . . . what to choose?!  A few of the designers I visited were out of some of what I wanted . . . I'll get them eventually.  Now to find the time to stitch someone else's designs!!!

Happy Stitching!  ~*

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Last But Not Least

The last reveal before Market is "Always Hope".  This is another Ripple Effect Pattern:
  “Ripple Effect Patterns” was formed from an idea of Meg Ripple’s.
An avid stitcher, Meg asked several designers to design cross stitch
patterns of inspiration for her fellow cancer patients.  Although
Meg lost her battle, we carry on her vision with this pattern.
The designer’s profits from this design will be donated to the
American Cancer Society in Meg’s memory.

Last year's donation from the first Ripple Effect Pattern "Hope" was $204.  It continues to sell and will be included in this year's donations as well.

Hope you like these!


Monday, February 16, 2015

Necessity Is The Mother Of Invention

Yes it is.  My first Market I never thought about the hotel door not staying open by itself . . . pretty important when you're open for business.  We found something heavy enough to hold the door . . . made do.  The last Market we found a rock and tied some burlap around it.  Surly thought I would find something "cute" somewhere to hold the door . . . I do have an old heavy black iron I can use.  But . . . what about a covered brick?  Paver bricks at Lowe's $ .60.  Cover it with batting and wool and blanket stitch a "welcome" sign on it . . . bingo!  Oh . . . this is cute enough to make a pincushion out of.  "Welcome" to my stitching spot!
No you didn't crochet a picot trim around it . . . thought you weren't going to do that again after the "Amazing Grace" piece.  Yes, I did . . . with pearl cotton . . . it wasn't so hard.  I didn't have one of those cute trims from Dames of the Needle in the right color . . . not time to order one from Elizabeth.

Hope you like "Welcome"!

One more new design tomorrow . . . be sure to stop by!


Sunday, February 15, 2015

3's A Charm

Day 3 of the Market reveal with 3 interpretations of a single pattern . . . "Her Majesty".  I gave this pattern to several friends and asked them to embellish it in any way they'd like. . . beads, buttons, trims, charms, different fabrics, different threads, different finishes . . . whatever . . . be creative.  Although not all have had time to complete them, here are 3 of them finished . . . there will be more at Market!
Mine is the green pillow with the gold braid. Jenny used a dark fabric and the crown really pops. Myriam was inspired by her granddaughter's love of the movie Frozen and she used metallic threads on a glittered fabric (her's was finished by Faye - The Carolina Stitcher).  It's a simple pattern meant to spark your creativity . . . let it go!


More to come tomorrow!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentines Day

Here's another Market release that's appropriate for Valentines Day.  I married my Valentine in 1986 . . . coming up on 29 years in April and still happy with my choice.
Yes, that's our wedding picture . . . no he's not that much taller than I am . . . we're standing on different steps.

There were several mistakes in this one . . . what is my problem!  I had changed the large letters and taken out a light blue stitch at each corner of the letters . . . didn't like it.  Was going to replace it with the dark blue.  I forgot to do that and took it to my framer.  I wondered before I pick it up if I had ever replaced those stitches . . . nope.  Luckily I don't have glass put in the pieces I take to Market or send to Trunk Shows.  I carefully slid my needle in and very carefully crossed those six corner stitches.  I couldn't leave it . . . I had already printed out all the alphabet sheets that will be enclosed in the pattern so you can personalize it.


See you tomorrow . . .

Someone should have proofed this post too . . . didn't tell you the name of this one!  "Forever and Always" in case you didn't guess.