Thursday, July 25, 2019


So very sorry for my absence . . . not one who likes to complain . . . and creativity has taken a hit of late. BUT . . . today, I feel empowered!

As things of late have been . . . sucky to say the least . . . culminating in a dentist appointment today after a (hate to admit it) 8 year absence, I expected it to be another "sucky" day. I'm a dental-phobic. Yes, after a childhood of horrid dental experiences with the dentist from hell (I'm sure he's languishing there after dying from cancer years ago . . . karma's a bitch.) I was a nervous wreck!  It's like REALLY low on my priority list . . . but, I do have two cavities that needed attending to. Dreading this like the plague, it turned out to be not so bad. They were impressed with how clean my teeth were and what little work needs to be done . . . whew! I left there feeling . . . empowered! YES . . . I SURVIVED! ! !

So, I came home ready to tackle the world!

My mother has been the main focus lately as she's had some medical issues. She's 92 and living with dementia in an assisted living facility not far from me. She still knows me but her memory capacity is about 5 minutes long. She developed shingles a week ago on her forehead and I had to take her to the ER for confirmation and treatment. Two days later she had a relapse of cellulitis in her right leg and refused to stand/walk . . . back to the ER. This time, they admitted her. It was suggested, after 5 days that she go to a nursing home/rehab facility. They needed her new Medicare number to admit her . . . I've never received her new card. That began the saga of government bureaucracy. To make a long story short . . . a Power of Attorney means nothing to the government. After visits to Social Security and calls to SS and Medicare, I was able to create an account online and print out her new Medicare card . . . no way to change her address with them at this time. She is finally settled into the Nursing Home and not too interested in working on her physical therapy . . . this is not good. So that consumed my week. I will be going out of town tomorrow for the weekend but, come next week she WILL get a "kick in the pants" to get on with her therapy!

During this time dealing with my mother I got a letter from the Missouri Department of Revenue . . . a 10 day Demand Notice threatening to revoke my business license for their state . . . for a late fee ($18.70) for my Sales Tax submission for an event I vended at last September. I dealt with this "late fee"  in May and remitted the amount although the woman I talked to on the phone could not confirm what the late fee was for. The event was held in August of 2017 and then changed to September in 2018 . . . was it a late fee because the date changed or was a late fee because I was a day or two late mailing my payment because their website is a nightmare! Who knows. I called them and told them I sent the payment in May and the bank has cleared the check. He said they are behind in posting and suggested that I send the payment in again and when they get around to posting both payments I can ask for a refund . . . seriously??? I said NO and told him to go ahead and revoke the license and I'll just vend and not collect the sales tax this September . . . come to TN and arrest me! Sent them an email and have heard NOTHING!

Next irritant, we had our house painted in June . . . or that was the plan. The color we picked was not the shade the painter used . . . but, we liked it. He ran out of paint and went to get some more . . . hmmm, not the same color . . . don't like this shade as well. Rain delayed the painting and also the inspection of the painting.  Once the weather cleared and we were able to actually walk around the house, we saw that the paint color didn't match . . . multiple colors on several walls . . . we asked for Satin and it's clearly Flat paint. He swears he's going to make it right and yet has not shown up for two weeks. I bought a can of the paint this week that we chose and today I started painting the house myself! I also called the painter . . . got his answer machine . . . and left this message:  "We have started painting the house ourselves because it is obvious you're not interested in coming back. If you do not come and get your ladders, buckets and supplies, by next Friday, we will donate them to Habitat For Humanity . . . just to let you know" No call back . . . not a peep.

So . . . today . . . painted for two hours and then cut the grass! Great sense of accomplishment ! ! ! My framing is ready for a piece I designed for next year . . . will pick that up next week. Have a magazine deadline that's due by August that I haven't stared on yet . . . YIKES!

Meanwhile, the hubs is out of town having the time of his life at the Oshkosh Air Show . . . probably shouldn't post this . . .  he'll expect me take care of business like this all the time!


Have yourself a Margarita (like I just did) and enjoy an evening of stitching . . . that's where I'm heading!


Friday, February 15, 2019

Final Reveal for the 2019 Nashville Needlework Market!

The final reveal for Market! These two will be available to Market attendees and released to all In May.

"Never Tell Sampler" was stitched on Weeks Dye Works 36 ct. Beige using The Gentle Art threads: Endive & Garden Gate; Weeks Dye Works threads: Blue Jeans & Palomino.The quote was shared with me by my friend and fellow stitcher Janet . . . too cute! It was shared with her by a, now deceased, shop owner.

"Tea And The Bee" is a 7 1/2" wooden box purchased at JoAnns. Design was stitched on Picture This Plus 36 ct Sand (32 ct. will fit also) using WDW threads: Kohl & Bee's Knees. Mill Hill glass seed beads 02019 were stitched as "jewels" in the crown.
Now . . . must go back to printing, folding and stuffiing!

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

More Nashville Needlework Market Reveals!

Let's continue with the Market reveals . . . sorry for the delay . . . framing wasn't quite ready.

 Available to shops at Market as early releases (formal release will be in April) are "Cherished Friends" (the framed one) and "Feathered Friends" (the 4 1/2" box).

"Cherished Friends" is stitched on Newcastle 40 ct. Natural using The Gentle Art threads: Summer Meadow; Freedom; Dungarees; and Green With Envy. My friend Kathie received this quote from a friend of hers and thought it would make a nice cross-stitch piece . . . I think she's right!

"Feathered Friends" is stitched on Picture This Plus 32 ct. Barnwood using Weeks Dye Works Bashful. The box is actually a painted and Briwaxed brie cheese box . . . yes, from the grocery store! I love these little boxes . . . and brie cheese! I strung 4mm faux pearl beads and glued the strand around the stitched piece to "frame" it. Painted the inside lavender and glued some scrapbook paper in the bottom.

Stay tuned for one more reveal of the last two pieces. Should I do it tomorrow or make you wait until Friday . . . hmmm.


Monday, February 11, 2019

Nashville Needlework Market 2019 Reveals

Wow! Where have I been??? Sorry . . . it was not a boring year . . . just busy I guess. I'll get you caught up later . . . but now:

It's almost time for the Nashville Needlework Market! I have 6 new designs to offer at this year's Market. The first two I'll show you will be released to Market participants and will be available to all shops at the close of Market.

First up is "How Great Thou Art". It's always been my favorite Hymn and thought it might be a good reminder of God's greatness in this crazy world we live in. It's stitched on 40 ct. Picture This Plus - Mello (other counts are available) using GA Endive, WDW Plum & WDW Curry threads. It's framed by my wonderful framer and friend Terri at "Carriage House" in Kingsport, TN.

Next is "There's No Place Like Hope" also stitched on 40 ct. PTP - Mello using WDW Brick, GA Grecian Gold, GA Endive & WDW Palomino threads. This one is this year's "Ripple Effect Pattern" in which I donate the profits to the American Cancer Society in my fellow stitcher Meg Ripple's memory.

Can't wait to show you the rest of them this week!  Stay tuned! ! !


Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Sew What

A week after the Nashville Needlework Market it was off to the Blue Ridge Quilt Guild retreat. It's held at the Southwest Virginia 4-H Educational Center in Abingdon Virginia. It's a rural setting of rolling hills and camp-like accommodations . . . adequate, not luxury. I love it there!
We work downstairs in this building with our sleeping rooms upstairs. For those who prefer not to do stairs, you can drive around and up the hill to the upper parking lot on the sleeping level. Breakfast and dinner is included in a building up the hill (also driveable) . . . sitting and sewing all day, the hike up the hill is welcome exercise for me!  We have favorite restaurants in and around Abingdon that we like to go to for lunch . . . it's good to take a break from sewing and get out of there for a bit.

It was nice, as one of the planners of the retreat, to have "helpers" that made our name tags and cute "mug rugs". . . a big thanks to those fellow members! I put together the "first aid" kits with Hugs, Kisses, Ricola cough drops, stitcher's band aids and a thread waxer.

We take one day and go to Wytheville to the quilt store there and have lunch. It's a little over an hour's drive . . . well worth the trip! They always have a fantastic sale room, a few retreat exclusives and put together gift bags for us . . . so nice!
We have lunch up the street at the Log House.

This is such a cute place with delicious food! It meanders around from room to room . . . an enclosed area even has 3 doves in it! We were in a room by ourselves . . . they were very busy and only one waitress.  We helped her out by handing her our menus with our orders written down.

There are two quilts shops in Abingdon we had to visit as well . . . one can never have too much fabric!

Then it was back to work! So many talented ladies ! ! !

Good thing neatness doesn't count!

My friend Kathie made the Bionic Bag. I had thought about making one, but after watching the intense work . . . think I'll try to resist. They are really cool though . . . we'll see if I weaken!

 There was a major frenzy when we handed out the gift bags from Batiks Etc. All the bags contained something different. Lots of trading going on!

I worked on several things. First I finished my charity quilt. The guild makes quilts for charities that service children that have been taken out of their homes for various reasons. Our member Anne gives us the design each year and many of us finish them on retreat.  It's a good way to use up scraps. There are always different ways to put the blocks together. I struggled to get my points to match up with this layout only to discover that they didn't have to.

I then moved on to putting borders on a lap quilt I made for my daughter's birthday. It will be late as it still needs to be quilted and her birthday is Thursday. We will be visiting her in May and I will hand deliver it to her then. She has my 2000 Yellow Beetle (although it may be traded in soon) . . . this will be a good memory of it.
I then put a small border on a quilt I've been working on for several years.  Didn't bring the measurements to be able to put the larger border on it . . . so, it still didn't get finished.

So . . . lets work on something new . . . the Bee quilt that I had unrealistic expectations of having it finished by the Nashville Needlework Market to use in my Bee display. Like that was going to happen ! ! !

I did get almost all the smaller squares put together and one large block put together just to see what they will look like. I think I'm going to love this quilt! Maybe it will be ready to use for my display at the Merchant Mall at the Prim Stitchers Society Retreat in June . . . get off the Blog girl and get busy ! ! !


Saturday, March 17, 2018

The Nashville Market

The Nashville Needlework Market was a great success a couple of weeks ago! Always a fun time . . . always a stressful time!

I had 5 new designs this year for Market.

First up is "Bee Hives Matter". Did you know that 70 out of the top 100 human food crops — which supply about 90 percent of the world’s nutrition — are pollinated by bees?

To make 16 oz. of honey it takes 1,152 bees to travel 112,00 miles to visit 4.5 million flowers! (I don't know how they know that, but it sounds amazing.)

So . . . Bee Hives DO Matter!

There is a wonderful Bee/Honey store "Wild Mountain Bees" in Weaverville, NC just over the mountain from me . . . they have the best wildflower honey! After reading a few articles about how many honeys have other things added to them, I prefer to get my honey from "Wild Mountain Bees" versus buying it at the grocery store.

And so . . . keeping with the bee theme, the next one is "BEE-utiful". I finished this one as a pillow . . . really not as big as it appears . . . the wicker chair is a dolls chair.

Noteworthy Needle and I carried the bee theme to another level with a collaboration. Janis designed smalls to go with my designs called "Small Matters". "Bee Hives Matters" fits on the lid of a cigar type box with "BEE-utiful" fitting inside the lid. All the smalls fit nicely inside. Aren't they too cute ? ? ?

We had a bee theme display complete with bee lights . . .
We also dressed in a bee theme . . . oh the plans we had to carry this to the extreme . . . this was as far as we got.

 Janis even convinced her husband Tom to wear the beekeeper's outfit!

Next is "Faithful Friend" . . . this year's Ripple Effect Pattern. My designer profits from Ripple Effect Patterns are donated to the American Cancer Society in Meg Ripple's memory . . . a friend we lost to cancer.

I had two "early release" patterns available at Market.  The first one, "Frogs In Your Underpants" will be released in April. (Market attendees were able to get it at Market).  I think this one would make a great birth sampler.

And last, but not least is my patriotic offering "God Bless America" that will be released in May. (Market attendees were able to get this on at Market as well).

We joined a group of designer friends for their annual "tour of rooms" beginning with pizza and wine. It's not only fun to see and hear how everyone displays and comes to design their patterns, but tips and suggestion sharing was very helpful . . . what a great bunch!

Had a week at home to recuperate from the lack of sleep work/party fest and it was off to the quilt guild's annual quilting retreat . . . stay tuned for more lack of sleep quilting/party festing ! Is that a word . . . festing?

Always BEE Stitching ~*