Tuesday, September 20, 2011


You can't imagine how happy I am to have one of these train stations FINALLY finished!!!!  Why do I say things like:  "Oh, I can make that."  Can and want are two very different words!!!  Anyway...think I have the bugs worked out of my pattern and even have a few new ideas for future ones...yes, there will be more made...probably...maybe.  We'll see what the response is at this Sunday's train show.
Here are my pattern pieces on top of each copper foil wrapped glass piece that I cut.  This is the front and back sections of the train station waiting to be soldered.

It's a bit tricky putting together a 3-D piece.  Tricky?  Truthfully, it's a pain in the you know what!

The roof poses the most problems putting together because of the different angles.  This was several pains in the you know what!!

After it's soldered and cleaned, then you choose your patina.  You can leave it silver or brush on a black patina (which I like best) or a copper patina.  We'll be able to personalize them with a label maker with whatever "town" someone would want on the sign on the roof...like:  Pain In The A** Junction

Here it is with the light kit in it...isn't it cute?!

Now...back to cross-stitching!

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