Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Quilt Updates

I am quickly becoming a quiltaholic!!!  
I finished my two Dresdin Plate quilted pillows.  This is the Christmas one:
 And this is the "everyday" one:
I have now moved on to a crib quilt that will be put into my "Grandchildren Hope Chest" for that someday grandchild . . . hope at least one of them is a girl!  I need to figure out what quilt design I will stitch and put the binding on it.  My youngest brother made a wooden cradle for my daughter when she was born with a hand carved headboard . . . it's beautiful!  When the cradle quilt is finished I'll post a picture of it in the cradle.
 I've started the next one which will be a "porch quilt" . . . just perfect for my white oak porch swing!
I haven't given up on cross-stitch . . . oh no.  I still cross-stitch every night after dinner and have a new design almost finished . . . there's a pom-pom idea I'm thinking of incorporating in it . . . intrigued?  You'll just have to wait . . . soon . . .  ~*

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  1. You are talented Bons .... can't wait to see your work!