Friday, September 21, 2012

Life At The Lake

When we moved here, I thought this would be a good walking neighborhood.  Not everyone here at the lake is a full time resident so traffic is light during the week.  The problems are: the streets are VERY narrow with no shoulder; it's somewhat hilly and curvy; and the residents that are used to the hilly, curvy roads drive WAY too fast!  So, I only walk down to the point and back . . . which takes about 10 minutes . . . I walk it several times.  We live on a "peninsula" at the lake (which is really a river that the TVA floods in the summer, creating Boone Lake) so there is no outlet at the point.  It's usually quite peaceful with water views the whole way . . . it feels like you're on vacation!

The deer are frequently grazing at the back of our property in the morning as I get ready for my walk.

I leave our house and think I really should get my exercise by spreading those bags of mulch that are laying on the front walk . . . I'll get to it when I get back.

 I take a right on our private road to Lake Point Drive . . .

then a left . . . the water is visible on my right the whole way to the point.

The properties on the left run all the way to the water on the other side of the peninsula  . . . these are larger houses with names.

It's usually very quiet with birds chirping . . . the occasional boat . . . sometimes a car.  Today they were cutting down trees getting ready to build on a lot that was previously occupied by a trailer.  Yes . . . it's a mix along this road . . . only two trailers left now.  I don't think zoning allows them along here anymore, but the existing ones are "grandfathered" in.

There's just something so relaxing about water . . .

 Even this little fishing trailer looks inviting . . . well, maybe not the trailer, but the property does!
  There are several cute little cottages down here:


Then there are some very nice houses as well:

 The one above is for sale . . . right at the end, on the point itself!

I  start back and pass all the "named" properties wanting to stroll down their driveways to have a look . . . I can't quite see their houses.


I arrive back at our street and am greeted by a family of concrete deer and a little dutch girl peeking at me from her tree stump:

Returning to our street, I pass our house . . .

and see the water on the other side . . .
The neighbor across the street is selling her house . . . she has a pool!
The folks below are only here occasionally . . . their "real" house is about 20 minutes away.  They have a great view of the lake.  It was their tree that fell and damage their dock and the dock of their neighbor (the house above).

Back home now, from the front porch, I survey the garden that I'm expanding  . . . this is where the mulch is to go:

I still have a lot of digging to do . . . better get busy!


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