Thursday, May 23, 2013

New Design...FINALLY!

Finally . . . I finished my latest design.  I decided it needed a companion piece so I stitched part of it again for the pincushion.  It's called "My Garden" and will be available Monday.  The pieces were stitched on R&R's Americana Blend 36 ct. fabric.  I will warn you . . . there are some over one stitches in the piece and it would be very difficult to do without a good magnifier.  The fabric does come in all counts though so you can pick what count is comfortable for you.  The main piece, a door hanger, is set into one of those wooden plaques that I picked up at Hobby Lobby and painted . . . it was a bit plain, so I glued some buttons on it and used some chenille to outline the piece. If you choose a different count fabric, it will not fit in this plaque.  You could easily frame it and attach a doorknob hanger or make it a flat fabric backed piece to hang.   Be creative!  Send me pictures of your finished piece and I'll share them.
 This design is actually one of the first designs I drew.  I never did anything with it until I bought this fabric . . . just loved the color and I think it was perfect for this piece.

April was a busy month!  It was the Hubs birthday (4/7), my birthday (4/18) and our 27th anniversary (4/19).  My birthday and our anniversary were spent in York, PA at the TCA Train Show . . . would not have been my choice for a celebration venue . . . but, what can I say.  It was a buying trip for the Hubs for his train shop at the Tri-Cities Flea Market.  We also went on to Connecticut to visit our daughter . . . that's always fun!

We've also had some house guests . . . that was fun as well!  A friend of mine came down from PA for a few days.   We did a lot of sightseeing during the day and a lot of sitting on the front porch drinking wine and gabbing to all hours each night.  It took me a few days to recuperate!  Great fun!!!

Finally spring has arrived . . . was this the longest winter ever?!  I've been busy weeding gardens, planting gardens, mulching, pruning bushes, fertilizing the lawn . . . I'm a one woman landscaping company!
 My little fig tree I planted last summer has finally gotten some leaves.  I was really worried since the deer chomped the leaves off in the fall . . . that's why it's caged in at the moment.

I've also fenced in the vegetable garden to keep the critters out.  I ran out of fencing and had to kind of make do on the center section.  I wanted to be able to remove each section for harvesting.

The owl stands guard with the help of the pink flamingos.  What can I say . . . every garden needs some pink flamingos! 
The neighborhood cat was digging in my pots of seeds brought from PA and bought seeds . . .  good use of the leftover fencing.

Can't wait until the hydrangea's bloom . . . they're looking healthy and ready for a good show!




  1. Cute design!
    The little plaque is a great idea.
    Love your Owl with the big eyes. lol

  2. Where did you find the ribbon around the pincushion?

    1. The silk ribbon is by The Thread Gatherer Silken Ribbons - Faded Memories (SR7 273). The colors were just perfect!