Sunday, June 9, 2013

Playing In The Big Leagues

I've hesitated going with a distributor in this business because I was afraid I might run out of ideas for patterns (not a problem . . . my head is overflowing!) . . . and I'm a control freak . . .  I admit it.  But one thing I'm not . . . is a sales person.  I love visiting the shops, meeting the owners and shoppers,  feeling the good vibes of the shop and knowing my patterns will have a good home there (yes, they feel like my babies).  Then . . . I'm no good with the follow-up.  Do people like them?  Did they sell?  Do you want some more?  Remember me?  Am I afraid of rejection?  YEP!  Luckily I've had re-orders, but it's not because I'm a go-getter!

So, I've decided to try the Big Leagues!  I'm going with Hoffman Distributing Company.  They can reach many more shops then I could find the time to visit . . . not that I wouldn't enjoy visiting them all!  And they can handle the rejection without sharing it with me . . . chicken little that I am.  Of course, if they never re-order any that would be rejection in a big way!!!

So here is my first Hoffman order awaiting the trip to their warehouse!  I've been a printing fool!  I've worn off my fingerprints, and nearly blistered each tip, printing, folding, bagging and bundling 336 patterns!  It's been a sweat shop around here this weekend!!!
Bye-bye little ones.  Hope you find a nice shop to await your final adoption . . . a good home with a loving stitcher to bring you to life.  I hope they share your picture with me!

Your mama loves you . . . ~*


  1. Congratulations!! I know your patterns will find good homes because your designs are beautiful!

  2. Ooooo I can't wait to see your name under their "designer name" search!!

    Wooo hoooo!

  3. Congratulations. You are going to do great. We love your babies!

  4. Congrats and good luck. Hoffman is wonderful to wok with!

  5. Congrats Bonnie on your move to Hoffman. You will love them and get ready to be a more of a printing fool. I'm spend most of my time doing the same thing, but it's a good feeling. Smiles, Nan

  6. You'll love working with Hoffman. I've been with them now since 2004 and it's been a great experience! Like Nan says, get ready to print. I've got a hot date with my printer tomorrow, myself!

    Looking forward to seeing your success!

    CM Designs

  7. I'm going to 2nd, 3rd, 4th everyone elses' comments! Hoffman Distributing is wonderful to work with and Mike was very encouraging and helpful when I first signed with them last year. Wishing you wonderful success with your business. Love your designs! :) And you are right, I think most stitchers do love to garden! :)
    Enjoyed your blog too!
    The Stitching Bear

  8. Looking forward to ordering your designs from Hoffman's to add to our shop.
    Really love them!
    Good Luck!
    Cyndi @ Beach Cottage Stitchers

  9. Wow look how nice you wrapped them!!! Yes I am happy with Hoffman too!!!.....And they are so nice!!!

  10. Thanks everyone!!! I bought more card stock!!! I'm ready . . . I think!!! ~*

  11. Of your new patterns that Hoffman is distributing, which ones if any have speciality stitches? Thanks, Marty

    1. Other than some 3/4 cross-stitches, backstitch and "over one", there aren't any specialty stitches in any of the current patterns. There will be some in the next release . . . coming in July.