Friday, July 26, 2013

A Month Full of Gardening, Fund Raising and Stitching

We've had so much rain this month that it's amazing that I've gotten any gardening done!  Everything is growing like crazy . . . that means the weeds are as well.  I try to get out there early and I've usually had it by lunch time if we haven't had a storm by then.  It's also been hot and humid and I become a puddle by noon . . . more puddles we don't need!

My poor hydrangeas . . . they've grown almost as tall as I am and have been beaten down by the rain!  (They were blue earlier in the summer . . . now, fading to purple)

Last year:

This year:

I was out this morning and a beautiful yellow finch paused at the empty bird bath . . . no rain yesterday and I haven't fill it today.  Then as I was trimming the spent flowers on the butterfly bushes, a humming bird was no more than 3 feet away from me.  I went inside to get my camera and neither of them showed up again.  I did capture some butterflies and a strange looking bee(?).

On the back porch, the hubs moved a shelf out of the way to remove a wasp nest in the corner of the ceiling.  We can't move the shelf back because a bird has made a nest . . . 3 little eggs inside!  I won't let the hubs remove the nest until the babies leave home.
Don't know if the 3 little bird candle holders attracted it's attention or it really liked the blue serving bowls that were sitting there!  I'm a little concerned about the neighborhood outdoor cat . . . although I haven't seen him lately.

I participated in Relay For Life (being an almost 7 year survivor of Breast Cancer) and made the front page of the Herald & Tribune in Jonesborough, TN.  That's me carrying the banner (second from the left) leading the survivor walk.
They had a dunk tank at Relay and for a donation you could dunk the local mayors.  That's the Jonesborough mayor Kelly Wolfe in the lower left hand corner.  He got dunked many times . . . a good sport . . . and a very talented Elvis impersonator . . . well, he sings like Elvis . . .  haven't seen him dress like Elvis!  Nice guy.

I've been stitching in the evenings working on an upcoming design (which has morphed several times),

letters for a cross-stitch/quilt that our EGA is doing for the Birthplace of Country Music museum that's being built in Bristol  
and a needlepoint piece that a member of our EGA is coaching us on.
I think I need remedial training for this one!  I'm way behind . . .  couldn't get the outline to line up and had to take a lot of it out.  It's FULL of beads . . . I'm in trouble!!!

We have an EGA teaching weekend coming up this weekend with Clara Blalock (The Stitching Parlor).  Her piece is adorable . . . a small garden toolbox with a stitched lining and smalls . . . can't wait!

We had a regional director of the EGA visit our meeting earlier in the week.  She has completed the Master Craftsman Program . . . took her 9 years designing and completing 6 (different techniques) good sized involved projects!  They were all beautiful!  What an accomplishment!!!  Think I'll pass!

Can't believe July is almost over . . . time is just passing  
w a y  t o o  f a s t!!!!    ~*

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