Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Finishing Day!

I finally took the time to have a finishing day.  I didn't get everything finished that needed finishing but I did make a dent . . . what a good feeling!  The letter "R" for the EGA quilt is finished.

I can't show you two of them just yet because they were . . . belated . . . birthday gifts.  I did finish this little shelf pillow from Blackbird Designs (for myself) . . . that's the backing material I used.

You know those beautiful framing boxes you can get for your needlework . . . beautiful and very expensive.  I bought this unfinished wooden box with brass hardware at Hobby Lobby . . . sorry, don't remember the price, but I'm pretty sure it was under $20.  I stained the box with Briwax (dark brown) (also runs about $20 for the can of wax . . . didn't use it all).  I covered a piece of foamcore with some batting and then the stitched piece from R&R (from the Shepherd's Bush Retreat last year).  I made some cording out of some wool yarn I had and attached it all to the box with PVA glue from Paper Source and there you go!  So much cheaper than several hundred dollars!  I stained the sides of the inside of the box too and plan on putting some Christmas fabric in the bottom and inside the lid.  I changed the stitched piece just a little . . . surprise . . . added some beads to some of the snowflakes, used overdyed threads and eliminated the dark boarder.

Just a little sad news.  Remember the bird nest that was built in the shelf on our back porch?  It is no more.  I was blaming the neighborhood cat, but now I'm thinking it was a fox.  We've discovered a very skinny baby fox that's been hiding in our front bushes.  Don't know where the mama is, but the poor baby looks like he's not eating well . . . guess I can forgive him for eating the three baby birds . . . maybe.


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