Thursday, September 5, 2013

Fields of Clover

Another  new design on it's way to Hoffman.!  "Fields of Clover" celebrates my mama deer and her two darling babies . . . who, I think, have hit puberty.  I just saw them yesterday and I had to do a double take . . . they are really growing!  So happy that they are forever young in my new design (the hubs' favorite)!

I get so excited when Hoffman Distributing sends me a PO for anything!  It always seems to correspond to a posting by another designer of their new design.

My new design order:
Lizzie Kate's Mystery Sampler Shipment:


The hubs says. . . "maybe someday that will be you" . . . I love that man!        ~*


  1. Ok but on the flip side think of the work that goes into all those boxes. Hahaha

  2. Nice design, cute.
    But you got orders!
    That's a good sign.

  3. Oh my, I love your new design! The picture of your deer family could have been taken in my yard.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    Robin in Virginia