Sunday, February 2, 2014

Super Bowl Sunday

Super Bowl Sunday and I'll be watching the game alone.  Yep . . . the hubs is heading out of town for his new job that he starts tomorrow.  We'll be a two home family visiting back and forth . . . it's a 2 1/2 hour drive . . . too far to commute and we don't want to move . . . we'll see how this goes.  I'm not complaining . . . the new job is worth it!  I got a new car out of the deal!  The down side of that is it's too small (a VW Beetle) to haul everything to Nashville for Market.  So, he'll be taking the Bug and I'll keep the Yukon until after Market. 

Here's a freebie for you to keep you occupied until your local shop owner brings back all the goodies from Market.  Are you excited about all the new things coming?  I'll post my Market releases this coming week . . . keeping you in suspense a little bit longer (actually just picked up the last two at the framer on Friday and haven't taken the pictures for the patterns yet).

I used Gentle Art threads:  Rose Garden, Carriage Black and Lexington Green.  I backed it with some coordinating fabric, filled it with crushed walnut shells and stitched this cute rosebud ribbon around the seam.  The rosebud ribbon was in a box of silk ribbons and threads my mother gave me when she stopped stitching.

So who are you rooting for?  Since the Steelers (my favorite team) aren't in the Super Bowl I'm rooting for the Broncos . . . I like Peyton . . . seems like a good guy.  I was conflicted about whether to watch the Super Bowl or Downton Abbey, but just in the nick-of-time, the DVD of Season 4 I ordered arrived this week!  Guess what I'll be watching tomorrow!

Go Broncos!   ~*


  1. Hi Bonny.
    Thanks for the nice Valentine's freebie.
    Love the roses around the edge.
    Can't wait to see your Nashville releases.
    Good luck at market, and have fun!

    1. Enjoy the freebie. The roses added a cute touch I thought. Can't wait for Market! ~*

  2. What a lovely complimentary design to share with us! Thank you! Looking forward to seeing your new releases!

    Robin in Virginia

  3. Very cute freebie thanks for sharing. I was rooting for the Broncos. I was just in awe how horrible that game was.
    Good Luck in Nashville. Can't wait to see your new designs.


    1. It was a horrible one-sided. The mid-game jum to Downton Abbey was a great distraction! ~*

  4. What a cute Valentine design-thx!! And our poor Broncos...*sniff*

    1. They're still Conference Champs . . . can't forget that!

  5. Dear Bonny,
    thank you for this cute freebie! I love it!