Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Running On Empty

This has been one hectic month!  It's always hectic a month before Market trying to finish up everything and get packed up (not that I've had much experience since this was only my second Market).  Add to that my in-laws moving to the area and it was a bit crazy.  I made 3 trips (a little over 3 hours one way) to Charlotte, NC to help them pack.  On one trip I packed 40 liquor size boxes of 6 different patterns of dishes . . . services for 12 each with every serving piece ever made for those patterns . . . and 3 other patterns in process of collecting.  I stitch . . . my mother-in-law collects dishes . . . whatever brings you joy! 

Their actual move happened the weekend of Market.  After Market there's a period of feeling "jet lagged".  I guess it's because you're running on adrenaline at Market . . . the exhaustion from getting ready . . . the anticipation . . . the 9 1/2 hour drive . . . the socializing . . . the lack of "down time" . . . the getting lost circling St. Louis on the way home . . . the 11 1/2 hour drive home.  Since my return from Market, I've been over to the in-laws' new house helping unpack . . . not the dishes yet.  They are stacked in our garage awaiting the assembly of the third hutch.  This move really is a great thing and it will be so nice to have them close by once they get settled.

I had a break . . . I guess you could call it that . . . this past weekend.  The hubs and I went to Spencer, NC to a train show.  The show was rather small and, in my exhaustion, wasn't much fun for me.  It was nice spending time with the hubs, but what I needed desperately was some alone time!  I require some alone time now and then to recharge with no demands . . . until yesterday, I can't remember the last time I got that "recharge" time.  I "recharge" stitching, gardening, quilting and reading . . . all meditative activities for me.

Market was great fun though!  My friend Kathie was my "super salesperson" (not my forte)!  She had her spiel and definitely increased sales.  (Attendance was down at this Market and sales were not as good as Nashville).  My spending was up however!  It's not about having the time to stitch it all . . . it's about the collecting (they just don't weigh as much as dishes)!

We were next door to LaDonna (Black Branch Needlework) and her mother Peggy.  LaDonna and I had met at a trunk show/meet and greet at Valley Needleworks  in celebration of their one year anniversary and reconnected at the Nashville Market.  She and her mother are so fun and came over to our room in their "jammies" each night for wine (whine) and cheese.  We've enjoyed meeting the other designers we've admired . . . okay . . . "stalked" is probably a better word . . . everyone has been so nice . . . but, we are "newbies" to the Market world, and as such, are not included in the established cliques . . . so, we will form our own. 
So, as things slow down I will get to stitching the 3rd pattern I wanted to have ready for St. Charles but didn't have the time to stitch and get a jump on my designs for Nashville in February.  You never know, my parents have their house up for sale and may be moving anytime and the chaos may start all over again!

Recharging!  ~*


  1. Recharging is a good thing! Hope you get back on the groove soon! Say hi to Ma & Pa Woomer for me!

    1. You can do it, Bon! You are like the Duracell Bonny! Love you bunches!

  2. Hope you are recharging your batteries--I also recharge my batteries my sewing, stitching, gardening, reading. Whew--all those dishes!