Monday, May 4, 2015

Prim Stitchers Society Retreat - Williamsburg, VA

The first Prim Stitchers Society Retreat was held in Williamsburg, VA this past weekend.  A good time was had by all!  We didn't sign up for either of the classes since we were a vendor in the Merchant Mall . . . I knew we'd need a little free time if we were going to see any of Williamsburg.  As it was, we only had one short free morning.

We arrived at the Holdiay Inn Patriot and immediately saw several attendees tracing their punch needle project from Kathy Barrick right there at the Lobby windows.
 The projects from the Kathy and Lori were both cute as can be!
Here's Beth with her finished piece from Lori of Notforgotten Farm.

and Kathy Barrick's project . . . too cute!

My friend/Chief Sales Officer/personal assistant/keeper Kathie came with me to help set-up and run my table.  We had great fun getting it all ready.
There was a 24 hour "Stitchers Lounge" set up with snacks and beverages.  We dropped off our stitched exchange gifts and viewed the raffled piece that Nan from Threadwork Primatives created for the retreat . . . we never got a chance to buy any raffle tickets.

The "Stitchers Lounge" was a great place to get to know the other attendees and unfortunately we didn't have a lot of time to hang out there.  They were in class when we had time to stitch there and we were working the Merchant Mall when they took time to stitch after shopping.  We were pretty wiped out in the evenings after dinner and preferred to sit in our beds with our feet up to stitch.

The Merchant Mall was well attended by the Prim Stitchers and some locals on Friday.  These were all the pictures I had a chance to take before the shopping frenzy began!
 Black Branch Needleworks - LaDonna would not let me take her picture.
 Jennifer and Denise from Valley Needlworks brought the whole store I think!
 Look at all this great stuff they brought!  They're having a retreat in early October . . . visit their website for details:
 Homespun Elegance

 Elizabeth with all her yummy trims and other goodies!
Faye (The Carolina Stitcher) with her beautiful project bags!

 A lot of wonderfullness here at Teresa's Primitives!
 Nan's beautiful work at Threadwork Primitives.
 Lori's great displays and merchandise from Notforgotten Farm.
 Kathy Barrick's great designs and jewelry.
The wonderful European primitive representation.

YIKES!  The shoppers are arriving!

 The Merchant Mall was "revisited" by a lot of attendees on Saturday.  I guess they had to have one more look to see what they MUST have for their stash.  The vendors were hoping for a large local crowd as well, but they only trickled in.  There were a few local events happening in the area that may have lured our potential shoppers away.

We also had a "make-it/take-it" station manned by Christina.  She walked you through making your pinkeep mason jar lid and button needle minder.  Now where did I put those mason jars . . .

 At the final dinner we did the gift exchange.  I received this darling little pinkeep from Carolyn (whose birthday it was at the retreat) . . . we are forever chums now!  Thanks so much!!!!
 Our wonderful gift exchange scores! Love my little "Chums" piece from Carolyn. The carrot pins where a great addition to the beautiful drum Kathie received from Jeanne!

We also received a "parting gift" of the pattern and supplies (except the box) to stitch Nan's retreat piece!  What a great momento!

It was so much fun meeting some of the Prim Stitchers Society members that I have gotten to "know" and recognize from the Facebook page . . . a great group of gals.  It was also fun meeting Lori Brechlin and Kathy Barrick (the teachers at the retreat) . . . looking forward to getting to know them better at the Valley Needleworks retreat in October!

Sadly, it was time to go . . .

 All in all, it was a great first Retreat for the Prim Stitchers Society and the work that Terri and Ridgely put into the planning and execution was evident and greatly appreciated!!!!  Looking forward to next year in Atlanta!!!!



  1. That looks like a fantastic retreat.
    Glad you had a good time.
    Thanks for sharing the pics.

  2. It all went so fast Bonny...didn't it?...wish we had more time to hang out together. So much going on and so much fun. Wonderful to see you and meet Kathie. Great pictures and lots of great memories. Hugs:)

  3. Yes Bonny you are correct I don't like to have my photo taken. I will be sure to let Craig know you got a photo of him keeping the steps under control :) It was great seeing you and Kathie!!

  4. Looks like it was a great time! I love the Prim Facebook Group! So cool to see that so many stitchers were able to attend. Hope there will be many more of these events in the future! (In Utah?)

  5. Great post -- and great retreat. It really did fly by, didn't it?

  6. Thanks much for the fun photos!

  7. It looked like a great time was had by everyone! Thank you for sharing the adventure with us!

    Robin in Virginia

  8. It was a lot of fun and nice to meet you at the retreat! Connie B