Sunday, August 29, 2010


I guess it was last summer while visiting my in-laws that I tasted the most amazing spiced figs that a friend of theirs had canned.  This friend has a fig tree with an abundance of figs!  I have been in search of this recipe since then...this friend seems to think no one would want to take the time to make these so hasn't shared the recipe.  Well...I found, what I thought was the recipe.  Finally found some figs at the grocery posted price.  There were 15 figs in a box and we took them to the check-out.  Of course the price didn't scan...they looked them up...the green figs didn't they rung them as black figs...79 cents EACH!  Whatever...these spiced figs were amazing that I had tasted.  Three days later when I had time to make the recipe, five of the figs were too mushy to use...threw them away...79 cents each.  Put together the recipe and read that you had to boil the figs in this concocted syrup 10 minutes a day for 3 days...okay, did that.  When they cooled the third day, I just had to try one!  THICK syrup...super sweet...not the same amazing spiced figs I had tasted at my in-laws house.  On with the recipe search.  Bought the Ball Jar Canning Book and there is a spiced fig recipe in there that I will try when I can find figs again!!!!!  Hope they're cheaper this time!

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