Monday, August 2, 2010


One of my priorities for a new home is to have a porch.  I have been hauling around an oak porch swing I bought when I lived in Blowing Rock (northwestern NC) in 1979...have not had a porch since!  A year or so ago we actually ran into the guy at a street fair in Hendersonville, NC that made it .  He is still in business...expanded quite a bit.  I told him I had one of his swings and it turns out that it is one of his first swings.  He was very interested in it and offered to give me a brand new one for the old one...he would love to have some of his firsts.  There is no way I could part with this swing I have been hauling around for 31 years! 

The house we want has a very nice porch!  Along with the coveted oak porch swing, I will hang this cross-stitch piece I just finished.  I'll be taking it to the framer this week.  The buttons in the piece are from my grandmother's button box.  In case you can't read the saying it says:  "You don't have to have tickets to listen to crickets"  Is that not perfect for a porch?!?!

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