Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New Year Plans

It's a new year and a new shop order.  The Nebby Needle is now available at Shepherd's Bush in Ogden, UT!!!!!!  This is definitely a thrill!!!  LOVE those ladies...Tina and Teri...THANKS SO MUCH!!!

I have a new design finished and am awaiting the frame.  It's called "Sometimes You Feel Like A Nut".  Will post a picture when the frame comes in. 

Other designs are on paper, but I have to finish my mother-in-law's Christmas present first...I know...it's after Christmas.  I wrapped it up anyway and she opened it on Christmas.  It's a table square with the same sunflower motif in each corner.  I picked up several of these squares (each with different woven designs in them) when we lived in Europe.  My mother-in-law has a lot of sunflower "things" in her kitchen and I thought this would look nice on her kitchen table.  I'm at the last corner and should  have it finished in a couple of days:

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