Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Table Progress

Finally got around to sanding the sewing table.  So the hubs says "can't sand it in the computer/craft room of the basement...too much dust for the computer"..."can't sand it in the main part of the basement...too much dust for the furnace."  I knew I couldn't sand it in the garage...dust on the Mustang is a crime punishable by death!  Too cold outside and we don't have an outdoor outlet.  So...I sanded it in the bathroom.  Messy no matter where you do it, but I just cleaned the bathroom yesterday...what was I thinking!!!!!  Removed the rugs and towels, but I guess I should have put down some paper or plastic...too late now!  I am covered in reddish brown dust and my hands still feel like they're vibrating.  Since it will take some time to clean up the bathroom...guess I'll stain it another day.

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