Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Bye Bye Christmas

Thought it was time (past time) to take down the outside Christmas decorations.  Today was the perfect day...low 40's out...the sun was shining...the sun!...rain had stopped...snow was almost felt warm!  Temps are supposed to drop today and snow is on the way this it now!  I grabbed the step stool, started unwinding the wire that attached the bows to various things, got the greenery off the arbor and started on the garland around the door when...things started to go awry.  The wind was picking up...gusting actually...dark clouds were rolling fingers were getting too numb to feel the wire that attached the garland to the door started sprinkling, spotting my glasses.  Then I realized as I got further up the door...I had the wrong step ladder...only two steps...too short to comfortably reach the top since our front door is up two steps to begin with.  The wind, the rain, the numb time to go get the four-step ladder!  Precariously reaching for the top (exposing skin to the cold and rain as my sweatshirt rose) with numb fingers, I pretty much yanked the last three wires off the house.  The garland is now dripping on the rug in the front hall.  The snowman flag is whipping in the wind (he can stay out there until spring).  The skies are dark, the temperature has dropped to 38 already...but it's done!!!! 

Now...on to charting the "Sometimes You Feel Like A Nut" design.  The frame was mismeasured so I had to add a bit of lace to the bottom...LOVE it!  It's always nice when a mistake turns out to be a blessing!  Will post a picture soon!!!!

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