Monday, May 28, 2012

Embelished Clothing and Landscape

I purchased a plain linen jacket . . . I think at T.J.Maxx . . . several years ago.  A neutral, it goes with anything and everything.  I usually wear it with jeans and a t-shirt.  It needed some "jazzing up" with more than just accessories . . . so . . . I embellished it with some Quaker motifs from "A Quaker Christmas" by ByGone Stitches.  The motifs are not Christmas-like and I think it perks the jacket right up!  What do you think?  Should I keep going . . . add some more . . . cover the entire thing?  Been eying a few other linen things in the closet . . . hmmm.

Loving the new house!  Unpacking is a very slow process.  Well, it would be moving a lot faster if I wasn't spending so much time in the yard.  Can't help it . . . it's planting season!  Since we're in a somewhat rural setting, we have deer (and other animals) to deal with.  Our neighbors (who saw 14 deer in their yard a few days ago) have already lost their tomato plants to the deer.  Eight deer ran through our yard the other evening.  So . . . to protect my tomato plants, basil and marigolds we strung fishing line around plant stakes and tied cut up grocery bags to the lines to blow in the breeze . . . it's so attractive . . . not.  Think it will scare them away?  So far so good!

Of course I couldn't just plant veggies and herbs (tomatoes, zucchini, gypsy peppers, basil, parsley, sage, rosemary and dill).   I picked up some flowers too.  The previous owners have planted a lot of shrubs . . . most of them much too close together and I have been moving things around.  Most of the flowers are just annuals this year . . . oh do I have plans for next year!

I found these petunias that start out a fuchsia color and quickly fade to an antique looking pink . . . I love them!  The butterfly bushes are blooming too . . . see them behind the bicycle planter?

The previous owners also planted 6 hydrangeas along the back of the house . . . they're blooming their little hearts out.  I LOVE hydrangeas!  So how could you not spend time out in this yard!

Maybe next time I'll have a room completely unpacked and put together to show you . . . don't hold your breathe!

Until next time...
Bon  ~*

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  1. It's looking great!! I don't blame you one bit for spending all of your free time in the yard! You can unpack all winter! When the dirt calls...