Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Grass Is Greener Over The Septic Tank

Erma Bombeck was right . . . it IS greener . . . at least over the leach field.  Looking out on the front yard from my porch swing (yes, it's finally hung after 30 years) the front lawn has a somewhat striped look.  The grass grows longer and thicker in these areas . . . who knew . . . first septic system we've ever had.

The porch is coming together nicely!  The hubs had to pull down a few ceiling panels from the porch to put up a more substantial beam to hold the swing . . . don't want to be falling on my bum!
We were going to put the hammock on the back porch (which we plan to screen in) but it wouldn't fit!  It used to sit in the side yard at our last house and I guess we didn't realize how BIG it is!  It now takes up the other half of the front porch!  (See the hub's train planter?)
When we decided we wanted to move a couple of years ago, my priority was a porch.  I found a cross stitch pattern from Cross-Eyed Cricket that I thought would be perfect to hang on that porch.  It says: "You don't have to have tickets to listen to crickets" with crickets crawling over a tea cup.  I used buttons from my grandmother's button box to embellish it.  I had them seal it well when they framed it since I knew it would someday be hung outside.  (Love my spider web at the front door window?)
I also have my little "grouping" at the porch rail in case you get tired of looking at the pine grove across the street or the view of the lake peaking through the trees to the right.

Things purchased over time just waiting for that "someday porch".  The yard and porch are looking pretty good . . . the house?  There are still boxes to unpack . . . pictures to be hung.  I did start on my craft room yesterday . . . think I'm going to start calling it my studio.  I've always wanted a studio.  Sounds more "artsy" don't you think?  ; )

So . . . I'll be here . . . sittin' on the porch . . . not getting much done . . . 

just swangin' . . .

Bon  ~*


  1. Wish I could come set for a spell an swang with you 'ens!

  2. Good to see the Cricket Sampler hung on its porch wall. Ah, life is good!

  3. just need a glass of wine, or maybe a vodka tonic?

  4. What a beautiful porch, you have a wonderful eye for decorating!

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