Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Following Instructions . . . what a concept!

I have a hidden talent of figuring out how things go together . . . like jigsaw puzzles and putting things together without the instructions.  I'm always amazed by this.  It must mean something . . . apply to some career I've missed my calling for. 

I got a bargain on a quilting table at JoAnn's for my "Studio" . . . it was on sale AND I had a coupon that was good on sale and regular priced items . . . SCORE!  So, what kind of bargain is it if you have a gazillion pieces to put together?

Even for me . . . there was no way this item could have been put together without the instructions.  I'm not sure many people could even understand the instructions! 

Okay . . . only need a Phillips Head screwdriver and approximately an hour and a half to put it together . . . really?  Here's what I had after an hour:

This isn't looking like I'm going to be finished in a half hour does it?  My knees need a break.

On it goes . . .  "connect board D, E with J, twist in clockwise the part 13 on board D, E to insert board W into the groove of board J, E" . . . sure thing . . . piece of cake.  I've lost track of time . . . well into the second hour now.  My knees can't take much more!

Somehow I have to upright this hulk of a table . . . by myself . . . the hubs isn't home!
 So . . . it's all put together . . . somewhere over 3 hours of work . . . I don't want to know . . . my knees don't want to know. 

This isn't quite looking right . . . guess you can't leave the little side table up and get the cabinet door closed.  Here you go:
SCORE ? . . . table 100 . . . my knees 0.

Let the quilting begin!

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