Saturday, November 10, 2012

Home Sweet Home

I'm beginning to understand why my father never wanted to go anywhere on the weekends.  He traveled 3 weeks out of every month for work . . . my mother and us kids were always wanting to go somewhere and he just wanted to stay home.  We have been traveling a lot since we've moved here and I've about had enough!

I recently went to Lake Junaluska, NC for our local Embroiders Guild Retreat.  I will post pictures of Lake Junaluska when I get my camera back.  Yes, I left it there . . . under the breakfast table.  Someone found it and turned it in but, when I went to the front desk to inquire, she showed me a camera from a distance and said it was an Olympus.  I could have sworn our camera was a Cannon . . . nope . . . it's an Olympus.  After I got home and realized that was my camera she showed me, I called them back and luckily someone from the guild was still there and retrieved it for me.

We didn't have any teachers at the retreat, just brought our various projects to work on.  I brought my projects from the Shepherd's Bush Retreat.  I finished the Naughty/Nice scissor fob and put it on the scissors that were our gift at the banquet. It's adorable!

I also finished the R&R piece . . . changing a few things.  They had DMC threads with it and I changed out a few for overdyes . . . just like the look better.  I also changed the bottom border repeating the snow line and didn't do a top border.  I added beads to the snowflakes too.  I love it . . . can't wait to get the box to finish it!
I came home from the retreat, dumped my suitcase out, repacked and we drove to Cincinnati, OH arriving at 10:30 p.m.  The hubs had to work up there for two days and since we lived there from '88-'96, I wanted to go along.  It's always fun to see how things have changed since you've lived someplace.  It's also fun to visit with old friends!  We met up with a few former neighbors for dinner one night and got caught up on their lives and their kids (mostly grown now).  We also had to go to Skyline for some Cincinnati Chili the other night . . . if you've never had Skyline, you're really missing something yummy!  Cincinnati Chili is a greek chili served over spaghetti and smothered with cheese!  You can get a 3-way which is spaghetti, chili and cheese; a 4-way with beans or onions; or a 5-way with everything!  Gotta have a 5-way, a cheese coney and a root beer . . . then we have a peppermint patty (they have them at the cash register) for dessert . . . it's a must!
That's it for now.  I'll post pictures and tell you more about the retreat when I get my camera back.

Gotta go work on my Jeanette Douglas piece now.



  1. OMG! Just realized looking at the pictures I posted that I didn't put "Bush" on the scissor fob! Well, isn't that going to be tricky stitching that now that the fob is finished?!

  2. Whew . . . there is no "Bush" on the pattern . . . so it's correct!!!

  3. So glad you're back, Bonny - missed your posts! I have never heard of Cincinnati Chili.....oh my! I don't even think I could squeeze in a Peppermint Patty after all that, although I would sure try! :)

    1. This is a Skyline photo . . . not really the size of what I ate. You can get a small portion 5-way and the cheese coneys are little hotdogs only about 3 inches long. I was still stuffed! The peppermint patties are the small size too . . . just enough!

  4. I hope you see this Bonny...I know this is an older post. What can you tell me about the Christmas design? I love that saying and would love to stitch that one!

  5. That was a piece from a class by R & R at the Shepherd's Bush Retreat in 2012. I don't know if they ever released it. You could call Ann (of R&R) at Dyeing To Stitch and ask her (757-366-8740).

    I get an email when someone leaves a comment no matter how old the post is. ~*