Wednesday, November 28, 2012

November EGA Retreat

I got my camera back last night at the EGA meeting . . . yea!  Now I can show you pictures of the Lake Junaluska Retreat that took place the first weekend in November.  We had no "formal" teachers or programs for this retreat . . . we all brought our own projects to work on . . . but there was a lot of sharing and learning going on!  (Can't wait to try the paper-piecing quilt making technique!)

Lake Junaluska is a Methodist Conference and Retreat Center (visit their website to learn more: ) as well as a residential community.  "The mission of Lake Junaluska is to be a place of Christian hospitality where lives are transformed through renewal of soul, mind and body."  We renewed our souls, minds and bodies through our friendships, shared stitches and cool mountain air!

We stayed at the Terrace Hotel (pictured here in the center of the photo).  Our meeting room was located across the street in that low building on the edge of the lake.
Meals were provided in the Hotel Dining Hall buffet style. (This would be where I left my camera on the floor under our breakfast table . . . I was going to take some more pictures that morning.  Totally forgot about my plan . . . and my camera!

We had a large meeting room that comfortably held 34 of us with assorted seating for the various stitching and quilting projects going on.  We even had a kitchen (everyone brought snacks).  Stitchers can really work up an appetite . . . we did not go hungry!

 There is a covered porch the length of this building with rocking chairs and a full view of the lake.
I went for a mid-day walk part of the way around the lake (there is a 2.6 mile walking trail that circles the lake) . . . just can't sit all day.  I would have walked the whole way, but the sun was blinding me!  At the beginning of the trail there is a rose garden . . . unfortunately not in bloom the first weekend in November . . . there was one blooming yellow rose bush that must have been a recent plant.  No doubt this part of the path is beautiful in season!
There were signs along the trail forbidding the feeding of the geese because it may prevent them from migrating.  They didn't look like they were in any hurry to move on to me.    
Lots to do here . . . there's a Youth Center, Gym, Pool, canoes, paddleboats, volleyball, shuffleboard, mini-golf, and tennis courts all managed by The Conference Center.

There were some fishermen enjoying the mild weather near a bridge that spans one narrow area of the lake.
There are cute little cottages and larger homes in this lake community . . . some creative landscaping as well!
Couldn't you just sit here all day and enjoy watching the ducks and geese glide through the water?  But how would you ever get your stitching done!
We made a few side trips to a couple quilting shops in the area . . . yes, I added to my fabric stash!  As different groups came back from their shopping jaunts, we had to have "show and tell" . . . it seems everyone added to their fabric stashes!  

One evening, after a few people left for bed, we gathered Sue's "cats" and moved them to the piano.  The plan was to not say a word and wait to see if she could find them in the morning.  Nita, a guilty party in the plan, couldn't hold her guilt in and told Sue that her cats had partied all night and couldn't make it back to her table . . . Nita!  It was still funny and made for a cute picture:

The retreat was great fun and I got to know a lot of the members of our EGA group . . . a group I'm sure I'm going to enjoy for years to come.  I've already made my deposit for next year's retreat!

When we were looking for a place to retire, we actually looked in this area of NC.  We really liked Waynesville which is just a few miles from Lake Junaluska . . . and it's close to Asheville as well.  A beautiful area of the Blue Ridge/Smokie mountains!  Looking forward to next year!


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