Tuesday, March 26, 2013


I showed you some of my egg collection in an earlier post (those eggs that stay out year-round).  Here are the eggs that come out every Easter.  These were purchased in various places in Europe: Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia and Austria mainly.

These are saturated color with raised white wax designs.  They're perfect for these cute tulip egg cups.

These are various eggs decorated with drilled holes, colored waxes, scraping and what looks like some sort of stenciling.  I would have loved to have asked about the methods . . . the language barrier never got much better in the 3 years we lived in Eastern Europe.

There are many different wired patterns.  How do they do this without breaking the egg?!?

More varied techniques.

These are painted wooden eggs and like an inlaid effect.

These are drilled (someone told me they used a dental drill) and then a pattern is done with wax.  In Slovakia the braided willow in the picture above is used by boys at Easter to whip girls with . . . seriously.  They also throw water on girls or take them to the river and throw them in . . . don't ask me why.  We did not go outside at Easter . . . nor would we have open the door if someone had knocked!

Don't know how they do these . . . just love them!

These are made gluing a pattern with embroidery floss.  My daughter made the bottom egg cup in elementary school . . . too cute!  The bunny cup above I found in the Dollar Store . . . can you believe it!?

Love this egg cup . . . think I got this cup at Tuesday Morning.

These all hang and I haven't gone outside to find the perfect branch for my indoor egg tree . . . it's just been too cold, wet and snowy to tromp through the woods.  Some of these have crocheted or beaded decorations, more wax and embroidery floss designs.  One is cut out and painted to look like a basket.

And these!  Wow!

So, you see why I got a little crazy collecting these . . . I just couldn't stop myself!!!

                                           HAPPY EASTER!!!   ~*

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  1. Wow!
    You have a gorgeous Egg collection there.
    Love the little Tulip cups.
    Just beautiful. I think I would leave all of them out year-round. Thanks for sharing.
    Happy Easter to you too.