Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Forgot To Tell You!

Last Saturday I went to the Spinning & Fiber Meet at Sycamore Shoals State Historic Area in Elizabethton (a neighboring town).  There were two ugly-cute Alpaca in a pen . . . have often thought it would be fun to raise them (next life).  Folks were selling all sorts of fiber related crafts and materials.  There were spinners and weavers from the Overmountain Weavers Guild who meet at the Exchange Place in Kingsport (another neighboring town).  (The Exchange Place is a restored farm complex which once served travelers along the Old Stage Road.  Here Virginia currency was "exchanged" for that of Tennessee and tired horses for fresh ones . . . hence the name.)  I got to try my hand at weaving . . . signed up to be contacted for classes in August!  I've always wanted to weave!

Sycamore Shoals offers classes in all sorts of arts and crafts throughout the year . . . that will chase away the blues next winter!

Welcome Spring  ~*

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  1. Sounds like fun!
    Can't wait to see what you weave.