Wednesday, May 14, 2014

God Bless America

Sorry, it's been over a month!  Lots been going on . . . finally slowing down a bit.

I'm still waiting on the framing of my new design "Oh My Stars".  I really loved the way it turned out and can't wait to show it to you . . . shouldn't be much longer.

While you're waiting . . . here's another freebie for you.
This was a quick stitch . . . I found the perfect buttons in my grandmother's button box to add to it!  I charted this without the room for the buttons so if you want to add buttons or charms you'll need to move the right side out as far as you may need to accommodate whatever you may choose . . . or stitch it as is and add nothing . . . your choice.  I just stitched some gold braid I found at a fabric shop around the outside seam.  This will great for your Americana collection, Memorial Day, Veterans Day and/or July 4th.  Hope you like it!
Don't think this came out too clear.  Let's try this one.

Let me work on this copy of the chart and see if I can't get a better copy.  I'll be back . . .



  1. So sweet
    Thank you dear *•*

  2. Thanks for your sweet generosity!

  3. Thank you for this sweet design and your generous spirit.

  4. Thank you!!! And I love your blog, found you in the Prim Stitchers group :0)) love your designs!

  5. Thank you for the sweet pattern! RJ and Mary over at featured your pattern on their blog, and that's how I found you. Beautiful!

  6. I'd love to find your Oh My Stars sampler. Is it available for purchase?