Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Shepherd's Bush - Day 2

Oops!  Forgot to tell you about the evening event of the first day.  We had dinner on our own and then gathered for dessert and "Thankful Stitches".  Cute project!  Yummy chocolate dessert!

 All the pincushions everyone made were on display . . . beautiful work!  If you participated in the Heifer project, you would randomly get one of the pincushions!
This is the beautiful pincushion I was lucky enough to receive!  Thanks so much Diana for your lovely work!

Friday was our first class.  In our track we had Shepherd's Bush first.  It's been a long time since we've had a class with them.  We knew we liked all the designers in both tracks and chose this track because we were curious to see what Cecile & Rachel with Just Another Button Company had to offer.

There are no two sweeter people on the planet than Tina and Terri!  Their designs never disappoint and with Jill Rensel's mats/frames you can't help but drool!  We sorted threads and began with a companion piece pincushion to review the specialty stitches that will be in the larger piece.  Terri had a little wool pumpkin pin-keep project for us to do as well.
 And, if this track wasn't already good enough . . . our friends (equally as sweet as Tina & Terri) Nancy, Lancy & Tammy were in our track as well!  So much fun reconnecting with our retreat friends!!!

We had the afternoon free and headed to Park City for lunch and shopping!
Cafe Terigo was delicious!!!!  Perused the shops along main and bought a pair of boots . . . had them shipped . . . can't wait 'til they get here!

Friday evening we gathered for "Bountiful Buttons" with Cecile and Rachel.  We made buttons (and other goodies) from polymer clay.  Cecile and Terri and others stayed up late "cooking" them in toaster ovens to harden the clay.  They were delivered to us, along with some "professionally" made buttons in a cute jar!
While we were shopping in town, we stopped by a liquor store to pick-up some libations in preparation for having some friends come to our suite for a visit.  (We spent time with Diane and Rabbit the night before at The Farm for drinks and put a major dent in our drink budget!)  Myriam picked up a Moscato that appeared to be in a screw-top bottle.  Short of The Hulk, I don't know who could have gotten the top off!  Myriam had to literally cut and peel the top off!  It was a sparkling wine and rather exploded when she peeled the last bit!  Where there's a will, there's a way!!!  Go Myriam!!!!
That evening Lisa and Tamara came down the hallway in their jammies  to our suite and we enjoyed catching up with them!  LOVE our retreat family!!!

Look for the last day of retreat and the banquet tomorrow . . . trying to drag this out to make it last!!!!



  1. I love reliving every moment of the retreat through your blog. It is pure joy being there. No other event compares, ever!!

  2. Thanks for sharing this event with us.

  3. Thank you for sharing all the fun you had.... I have always wanted to attend one of their retreats I should start saving for the next one now :)

  4. Thank you for sharing! The retreat was great - so many great memories! I wish we all knew who got our pincushions - you got mine! I am Diana Roper & I'm so glad that you liked my pincushion! A friend of mine sent me your blog link. Can't wait to look around.

    1. Thanks so much Diana! There were so many great happy I got your beautiful one! ~*