Thursday, October 23, 2014

Shepherd's Bush - Last Day

The final day is the longest day and yet seems to fly by.  I suggested to Terri that they make it a week long retreat in the future . . . she agreed it would be nice.  We could then take both tracks and have Wednesday off in between . . . more time in classes and more time to explore Park City!  Let's start a petition!!!!

Our day started off with Cecile and Rachel with Just Another Button Company.  All our supplies were included in a box and with the knowledge that a lot of the participants in their other class finished their project, we jumped right in!  Didn't seem to be too many overachievers in our class . . . at least we did get the basic pumpkin put together.  Here's what it's supposed to look like finished:

I was concerned about the 4" "Gather" pin getting through TSA Screening on my return flight . . . no problem . . . seriously?  That's kinda scary!

We had an hour and a half break for lunch and then on to Chessie and Me.  Linda's design is so cute and is stitched on two different colors of linen seamed together with a pine tree hiding part of the seam . . . too cute!
During classes each day Terri would show up with a small gift.  One time Jeannette came with her . . . their enthusiasm is contagious!  LOVE these two FUN women!!!!
Our gifts were more than trinkets!
Each day in the retreat shop there would be a different kitted goodie:
and also a freebie chart:
Classes were over at 4:30 and the Banquet stared at 6:30.  How can it have whizzed by so fast!!!

The banquet is always fun!  We had a delicious meal and played "Family Bingo" for candy and prizes.  There had been a wreath in the retreat shop with childhood pictures of each of the teachers . . . their identities revealed on the Bingo cards.  Our final retreat gifts were in a basket in the center of the table . . . a darling Shepherd's Bush chart - Over The River.

And then there are the gifts from my "Retreat Friends". . . dear kindred spirits that I don't get to spend time with often enough!
Somehow I managed to get this all in my carry-on!!!

Sadness sinks in on the way to the airport.  Waiting to cheer me up when I get home are a few of my deer buddies munching on driveway treats.

Back to reality.  In 3 weeks I will be heading to Lake Junaluska, NC for my EGA Retreat . . . bring your own projects . . . fun, but can't compare to Shepherd's Bush!



  1. wow i really love it so much x

  2. All good things must come to an end, so they say. But I ask: "Why? Why must they come to an end?" Maybe living in Utah will be like one long retreat?!! (I'll report back on that one.)