Friday, August 21, 2015

She has found her HOME

As with a lot of my stitching friends, I am rapidly running out of wall space for all my framed stitched pieces!  Now focusing on creative finishes . . . Brie boxes, baskets . . . what's next?

"She has found her HOME" was inspired by our move to Tennessee in 2012.  The hubs and I have both moved many times in our childhoods and 8 times in our married life . . . 4 states and two other countries . . . we're done.  We've said this is our "forever home". 

I tried to incorporate a lot of the things that I love about our home into this sampler.  This is my favorite house we've ever lived in . . . I finally have a place for my porch swing!  We have .89 acres which is more than enough to satisfy my love of gardening (the watering can). . . even overwhelming at times!  Living overseas has made us appreciate being American even more (the flag).  I have my craft studio with enough space to get really messy and creative with quilting, needlework or my craft of the day (the quilt star).  We've added a dog to our family who chases butterflies and dragonflies (the charm) . . . and eats them! 

I hope that you will personalize your piece with symbols of the things you love about your HOME.  Change the house if you wish to look or reflect your own.  I put our house number in the roof (it is not charted on the pattern) . . . you may want to put your own using the numbers in the sampler.  You may want to put the year you moved to your house or perhaps the year you were married and created your home.  Be creative . . . make it your own . . . and send me a picture!

Happy Stitching!


  1. I love the design and Tennessee is a beautiful spot to land my husband was born & raised there such beautiful country enjoy your new home. Many Blessings....

  2. What a fabulous sampler you have created! I really like the finishing option shown instead of framing it. I am guessing it will be heading to LNS' soon! Have a great weekend!

    Robin in Virginia

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