Monday, September 21, 2015

Turtle Sitting

Just spent a little over 2 weeks turtle sitting for my brother and sister-in-law's turtle Mookie in my childhood town of Alexandria, VA while they went out to Utah to hike.  Yes, turtle sitting.  Several years ago I did this for their (now deceased) dog and this same turtle while they went to Hawaii on vacation.  Mookie's a 4 inch in diameter box turtle that has the personality of a rock . . . don't tell them that!  He eats very little, moves very little and requires only slightly more care than a houseplant.

Here he is taking his morning swim.  His daily rations are on the feeding rock . . . I will scoop them up at the end of the day and, most likely, throw them all out.  In the two weeks that I was there, I only noticed that he took a small bite out of a strawberry . . . how does he survive?

I had much more fun visiting with friends and relatives while I was there!

Crashed a wedding in Chesapeake Beach

  Sat at an outdoor bar/restaurant having a Cosmo while watching this couple we didn't know get married.  Who doesn't like a wedding!

Got crabs at Abner's 
with Susie . . . my BFF since 4th grade 

Nothing like pickin' fresh crabs on the Chesapeak Bay!

Attended the Maryland State Fair

It was Bee Week

Lots of "home crafts" 



Hooked rugs

And . . .
someone won a second place ribbon stitching my freebie "God Bless America"!
So fun to see one of my designs here ! ! !


A calf born while we were eating lunch . . .
Piglets having their lunch . . .

Pigs racing and swimming . . .

and wooden animals!

Look for more adventures from my trip tomorrow . . .  ~*

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