Saturday, March 18, 2017

Don't Quit Your Day Dream Finishing Instructions

Work first.  I promised more detailed instructions on this pattern for piecing together fabric to finish this pillow as shown.

If you've been following the blog over the years, you know my story of how The Nebby Needle got started.  If not . . . here it is:  My daydream of becoming a cross-stitch designer became a reality at the 2010 Shepherd's Bush Retreat in Park City, UT after showing Barb and Alma (of Blackbird Designs) a piece of theirs that I "expanded". Alma asked if I designed and I said "no, I just change everybody else's".  She told me I was ready...and The Nebby Needle was born in October of 2010!

That was the inspiration for this pillow and in tribute to Blackbird Designs, I used one of their fabric lines to finish this pillow.  You may choose whatever fabrics you like and adjust your color choices for stitching to coordinate with your fabrics.

I had already purchased a jelly roll (2 1/2" strips) of their Hyde Park line of fabrics to make a quilt . . . when time permits . . . and when might that be?  If you use fat quarters you can cut 2 1/2" strips. I used 5 different fabric strips to make my triangles (now I'll probably have to buy more fabric for the quilt) and I had a fat quarter of the fabric that looks like a cross stitched alphabet for the back.  I cut the strips into 2 1/2" squares (I'm sure there is an easier way, but being a beginner quilter this is how I did it.)  Placing a light and a dark square right sides together, I marked the diagonal corner to corner and marked my 1/4" seams.   Stitched my seams and cut the squares along the diagonal line.  I pressed them open and placed them in a design that was pleasing to me.  If you want each side to repeat your pattern you will need 4 of each square combos giving you 8 triangle/squares of each when cut.  After stitching the triangle/squares together I added the square corner stones at each end of one of the sides and at one end of two of the other sides.  To square this off and make it come out right, sew the short side (without the corner stones) at the top and one of the strips with one corner stone down one side.  Set the bottom strip with one corner stone to line up that side and your final side with the two corner stones.  Pin and sew the bottom then the final side.

If you are going to put a binding around your pillow, sew the front and back together with right sides out leaving an opening in the bottom big enough to get your hand in to stuff.  Stitch you opening closed and bind off the outer edge as you would a quilt.

I hope this is clear . . . as this is only the second pillow I have finished this way.  Like I said . . . I am a beginner and infrequent quilter having only pieced the edge of one pillow this way 5 years ago.  If you have questions I will be happy to try to help . . . or if you have an experienced quilting friend . . . that might be better!


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