Thursday, March 23, 2017

They're Back!

We were so happy that Barb & Alma, of Blackbird Designs, were back teaching at the Shepherd's Bush retreat in October!  Always enjoy them and their classes!  We signed up for the track with Jeannette Douglas (such a joy), Paulette Stewart (so fun) and Barb & Alma (yes, we're groupies).

Ready . . . set . . . go!  We're up for Jeannette and her cute box!  She's such an animated person and so thorough in her teaching. Don't you just love the postage stamp in the upper right hand corner!

Paulette's piece is sooo pretty!  It's called "Heritage Sampler". . . very patriotic starting with pilgrims, George crossing the Delaware and Abraham and Mary Todd Lincoln . . . and the colors on that fabric . . . I just LOVE it!  What? No pictures of Paulette in class?  What's up with that?

Blackbird didn't disappoint . . . like they ever could!  Not only are the designs great, but their other ideas are just darlin'!  They have all these boxes that they put sewing finds in including old pictures of people they find at flea and antique markets and sort of make up stories in their minds about them.  How sweet! Always with the clever ideas!!!

I just have to drag this out a bit longer . . . the banquet was just great fun . . . tomorrow . . .



  1. I am enjoying your recap of the SB retreat. Thank you for sharing!

  2. I like browsing your pics of the retreat.
    Thanks for posting.