Thursday, October 4, 2012

Let The Retreat Begin!

On Thursday, September 27th Shepherd's Bush opened their shop-away-from-shop at The Canyons.  They save certain things for the hotel shop that they don't display in Ogden.  They always have a scissor fob for the retreat and they're snatched up quickly . . . luckily they put more out each day.  There are definitely people that hoard these exclusive items.  Are they buying for friends at home?  I don't know . . . but it sometimes means that those who have paid to come to the retreat, don't get the opportunity to purchase some of these exclusive items . . . just isn't fair.  Anyway, I managed to get one of the scissor fobs . . . as you can see, I haven't taken it out of the package yet.  It's a complete kit (without the scissors) . . . "nice" on one side "naughty" on the other . . . so cute!

 The shop was packed . . . the lines were as long as they were in Ogden!  Registration for the retreat begins at 1:00 p.m. so we have plenty of time to shop in Park City and have lunch.

Park City is built on a hillside so it is a workout to do the entire main street . . .  you really feel the altitude huffing and puffing up the hill!   We stop for a photo op with "Loosey Moose" to catch our breath.

We have a few favorite shops we must visit and I bought the cutest bracelet in one of them.  Don't you just love it?!
It's handcrafted by Christy Fisher from Jerome, Arizona from recycled materials.  I'm channeling my inner hippy here.

We had a yummy lunch sitting outside enjoying the warmth of the sunshine before heading back to The Canyons to register.  At registration we received our schedule and a welcome project.  It's a tote bag that has a panel to stitch with more designs than will fit . . . how will we ever chose which ones we want to stitch?  You either got a red or green ticking bag.  Here's mine . . . nearly finished.  I bought some braid yesterday to "frame" the edges (they're a little angled and this will straighten them out and give a nice finish to the piece I think.)
They had finished ones at a table in a meeting room to give us some ideas.  We stitched on our Welcome Project waiting for the "Project Reveal" at 4:00 p.m.

Also at registration if we wanted to participate in an ornament exchange, (we were to bring a cross-stitched ornament and $5.00) our ornaments were tagged and they gave us a number to claim the ornament we were to receive (there were some really cute ones).  I stitched my biscornu ornament like this one and added some beads to it as well.  You can get the free chart on this blog by going to the December 20, 2011 post.

Shepherd's Bush matched our donations and with all the proceeds will purchase 9 sheep from the Heifer Project!  This organization provides animals to families in impoverished countries.   

At 4:00 p.m. the highly anticipated project reveal had finally arrived!  The designers were introduced and they showed their class projects!  My only complaint about these retreats is that we can't take EVERY class.  It's so hard to choose which track you want to be in . . .  we agonize over it!

First up was R&R.  Here's Pat with their project:  "Home For The Holidays".  

Sorry the project looks so washed out . . . think I need a new camera.  It really is a beautiful project.  They mounted it in a box (not included) which is a great idea.  The phrase is:  "Backwards, look backwards oh time in your flight, make me a child again just for tonight" . . . LOVE IT!  (We're in their class!) Also included was this thread holder from Liberty Hill:

Next up was Jeannette Douglas.  This picture speaks volumes to her personality . . . she's so enthusiastic:

Her project is titled:  "Be Merry and Bright".  It's stitched in wool and she always includes a variety of stitches.  (We're in her class!)  I was just saying earlier in the day that I wanted to work in wool . . . LOVE IT!    Here's a better look at the project:

Next came Linda Lautenschager of Chessie & Me with her darling project:  "Shepherd's Christmas"  (we're in her class too!).  She uses some satin stitches in the grassy areas that make it look like the trails the sheep make while they graze . . . LOVE IT!

Now for the projects we aren't doing . . . boo hoo.

Shepherd's Bush (how can you not LOVE Tina and Terri) . . . can't go wrong with them . . . always a cute project . . . mats and frame by Jill Renzel:

Charland Garvin of Charland Designs . . . such a delight . . . she says this will be her last teaching retreat . . . say it isn't so!   Her project was too cute! (Again a poor picture . . . sorry)

And Paulette Stewart of Plum Street Samplers (oh I LOVE this!)

Oh the excitement now that we know what we'll be working on!!!!

I'm going to have to break up this day so as not to keep you too long.  We're off to dinner on our own and regroup tonight for the "Great Cookie Swap" . . . till tomorrow . . .


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