Monday, October 8, 2012

Shepherd's Bush Retreat - Friday

Friday, September 28th classes began!  Our first class in Track A-1 was with Jeannette Douglas.  How could you not love her!  She's so enthusiastic and obviously loves her work . . . as do we!  She's from Canada . . . eh?
Her band sampler has a variety of stitches: regular cross stitch, satin stitch, long arm, double herringbone, trellis, leaf, and Queen stitch.  There are bargello hearts at the top and bottom . . . she likes to challenge us.  Her charts are well organized with detailed instructions . . . easy to follow . . . thanks Jeannette!
I'm enjoying working on my first wool project.  I've only changed one thing so far . . . I know, I can't help it . . . but, I just wasn't feeling the light blue . . . "Soary" Jeannette.  Love the rest of the color palette.  I like the feel of the wool and the look of the stitches on the fabric.  She told us to scrunch up the fabric to help soften it . . . I did it but, just goes against my desire to keep it wrinkle-free!  Gotta get the iron out!

After class, we decided to take the Gondola up the mountain.  Someone said there was a restaurant up at the top.  We rode up . . . spectacular views!
There were daredevil bicyclist at the top in all kinds of padded gear that were riding trails down the mountain at breakneck speeds (there are a few behind us)!   I don't even like to ski at breakneck speeds and the snow would at least pad your fall a little bit!!!  The restaurant at the Red Pine Lodge left a bit to be desired . . . it was more of a cafeteria and we were looking for sit-down.  So, back down we rode . . . more beautiful views.
We decided on the Red Tail Grill in The Canyons Resort . . . good choice! 
Diane and Rabbit (from upstate NY), friends since several retreats ago and their new friend (and ours) Ann (from WY) were Jen and my Gondola/lunch buddies . . . the Cosmo got a thumbs up from Jen.  The guacamole got two thumbs up from everybody!

After lunch, I had to dash off to the SB Christmas Shop.  Tina and Terri graciously offered table space in the shop to 3 of us "new designers" to display and sell our wares and do a "meet-and-greet" from 2:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.!!!!

I sold lots of charts and talked to many stitchers.  I told and retold the story of how at the last retreat 2 years ago I had shown Barb and Alma (of  Blackbird Designs) some of my re-designs of their work.  Alma then looked at me and said I was ready to design . . . it was just the affirmation and "permission" I needed to give it a go!

That evening we were invited to dinner by new friends in the Penthouse Suite.  What a spectacular suite!

We had a delicious dinner of penne pasta, crusty bread and salad . . . and wine!  THANKS Mary and her suite (sweet) friends!

After dinner, it was back to the ballroom for dessert and an evening with Cece Striklin of the Thread Gatherer.  She and Teri collaborated on a felt/fabric stitching-necessaries project. 
Caroline (our English mate since Retreat 2008), Jen and I, seriously full after penne, crusty bread and salad, managed to do damage to the pretty and delicious dessert . . . it was mousse . . . it was light.

 Sisters Lancy and Tammy (sweet friends since Retreat 2010) and Lisa (our new friend) were our table mates for dessert and our project.  Meg and Miriam (not pictured - retreat friends from a while ago) were late-comers to the evening as their husbands, who had tagged along to go fishing, had not returned from their day!  They finally heard from them and joined us  . . . wish I had gotten their picture too.  Meg has had a very trying year fighting cancer.  With 4 out of the remaining 6 at our table being cancer survivors (me included), we were sending "survivor vibes" her way.  Meg wants to do a "words of hope" cross-stitch book and has asked me to do a design for it.  I'm thrilled to give something to those fighting this desease.  Thanks to Meg and we'll keep sending those survivor vibes your way!

All our creative juices were flowing redesigning and figuring out different ways of putting the project together.

This is the front of the project as intended.  It will be interesting to see how many different ways people finished theirs!
 I haven't gotten very far yet . . . every time I take a look at it, I have a different idea of what to do with it.  Think I'll think on it for a while.

Back in our room trying to sleep . . . knowing tomorrow is the final day . . . two more classes and the banquet . . . sleep, again, was elusive!!!  I don't do caffeine, so I'm guessing it was adrenaline I was running on!!!

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