Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Shepherd's Bush Open House (Pre-Retreat)

So . . . how did you sleep?  I was too excited!  Maybe got 5 or 6 hours.

Today (Wednesday, 9/26) the festivities began with an Open House at Shepherd's Bush in Ogden.  After our breakfast at the Hampton Inn chatting with other familiar and new faces of folks attending the retreat, we just had to go back to the shop . . . in case we missed something yesterday . . . and to get the "retreat pin".  Each retreat, if you go to the Open House and make a purchase, you get a cute little pin tied to your bag with a ribbon (Just one of the many little touches that make this retreat so special!).

Here is the name badge I designed and stitched for my two other "retreat cohorts" several years ago (only one other cohort made it to this retreat with me).  The little "retreat pins" are stuck all around it . . . this year's is the purple one with the sheep on it.  We also purchase a charm each retreat and stitch it to the bottom . . . I've lost one, but we're running out of room . . . what are we going to do?

We were dubbed "the fun girls" by Ann Robbins of  R&R at the first Shepherd's Bush Retreat we attended in 2006.  We had met Ann and Pat (Pat Ryan is the other half of R&R) the night before and had a great time talking with them.  We told them we were scheduled for their track and didn't show up in the first class they taught (we were scheduled for their afternoon track).  She asked Pat where the "fun girls" were . . . it has stuck.

After lunch in Ogden and a long chat with some sweet, sweet retreat buddies, we headed up to The Canyons Resort in Park City.  The Canyons is a beautiful resort and we spoil ourselves by booking a suite each time!  That way we have a kitchen for breakfast and snacks, a living room to sit and stitch and two bathrooms to get ready each morning.

 Here's the lobby:

 We unpacked and headed off to Whole Foods to get our provisions for the next few days.  After getting settled in, we went in search of dinner.  The only resort restaurant we found that was open was The Farm.
The food was very good . . . and "pretty". . . you know . . . great presentation . . . small portions.  This was a little . . . and I mean little . . . starter salad?
Pickled peaches and cucumbers . . . quite tasty . . . that one bite I had.

They had very good Cosmopolitans though!  We're on a quest for the best Cosmo . . . two thumbs up here!

Get a good night's sleep.  The fun really begins tomorrow!!!!!

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  1. I am living vicariously through you, Bonny! :) Can't wait to see what adventures you have!