Friday, October 5, 2012

Shepherd's Bush Retreat - Thurs. con't

After the Project Reveal . . . we had dinner at Red Rock Brewery at Park City Junction . . . not too far from The Canyons.  There's an "open-air mall" there.  (I may have my days mixed up at this point, but regardless we did all these things . . . just maybe not on these particular days).

That evening we met back at The Canyons for the Great Cookie Swap in the Ballroom.  We each picked a cookie tin (there were several different designs)  and then proceeded to different stations to make our "cookies".  (One cookie was an actual cookie . . . not in this picture because I ate it of course . . . yum!)

We got our stitch chart that will be inserted into the project that we will do tomorrow night with Cece Stricklin of the Thread Gatherer . . . when we finish stitching it.  At one station we made the "Pinwheel Cookie" which is the little rolled green piece.  We cut out and stitched the green holly leaves and added a button, rolled it up (there's a tape measure inside) and pinned it together.  The next station was "Sprinkles".  There, we glued beads on straight pins to use as counters.  Next was the "Sandwich Cookie".  Two large buttons with circular felt pieces threaded together with silk ribbon and a charm.  And last, was "Truffles".  A felt ball that we glued rick-rack around and added beads on straight pins, glued a flower shape on top and added the silk ribbon.  Cute little trinkets . . . and we had our friends sign the bottom of the can . . . a fun time was had by all!

Exhausted from lack of sleep, altitude, and excitement . . . we went back to our suite, stitched a bit and crashed for the night . . . at least that was the plan.  Sleep?  Seriously?  Too excited!  The classes begin tomorrow!!! 

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  1. Am thoroughly enjoying your posts about the retreat. It almost feels like I am there! Can't wait to hear more!