Thursday, October 10, 2013

Dyeing To Stitch Retreat - Final Day

The final day...NO!  Why does it go by so fast????

Saturday's class was with Paulette (Plum Street Samplers) . . . another sweet heart.  We met her last year at the Shepherd's Bush Retreat but we weren't in her track.  Her designs (two of them!) are fantastic!  LOVE the mini tart pan pin cushion (Jack's Birthday)!!!  We were disappointed that there was no fabric included with the sampler (Jack's Bash) equally cute!  By the time we found out about the fabric being sold in the shop, it was all gone.  Luckily I have some in my stash.  Although I bought it for another piece, there may be enough.  I like to buy the whole half yard to have some left over for smalls, other projects or my own designs.  You can never have too much fabric!!!!

I'm hoping to have Jack's Birthday finished for our Halloween party on the 19th.  Paulette has great step by step pictures of how to put it all together and suggested that you could easily make other inserts to change it out . . . great idea!
Classes are always fun and you meet some of the most interesting kindred spirits.  Can't we all live in the same neighborhood and stitch together every day?
 Linda and Faye from NC (Faye does beautiful finishing work as Carolina Stitcher)
 Wendy from Columbia, MD (where I lived in my early 20's . . . small world)
Anne and Lynn from WY

More new friends:
Reeta (works at Sherpherd's Bush) and her daughter Desiree from Utah
Michelle and her mother-in-law Trudy (keeps the books for Shepherd's Bush) also from Utah

After class we took a walk down the boardwalk and had a long leisurely lunch at the Hilton's outdoor cafe.  Pat (of R&R) was going to have a "Master's Class" that afternoon at 2:30 (she has so many tips and tricks she has shared over the years).  There was also going to be a question and answer session with the retreat designers.  Unfortunately after waiting for a table and relaxing over lunch, we didn't make it back until a little after 3:00.

As we approached the hotel we heard an alarm going off and were immediately told to leave the building . . . it was the fire alarm!  There were two weddings happening there that day . . . one wedding party seemed to be dressed and ready while the other was in various stages . . . a child wrapped in a towel snatched out of the bath!  Sirens, fire trucks and hunky firemen . . . oh my!  I tried to get my keys from the valet parking guy so we could at least go somewhere but he was nowhere to be found.

It turned out not to be a fire but a broken water pipe.  When we were told we could go back in we stopped in the bar for a drink . . . or two . . . with friends.  Afterwards, I went to the retreat shop to fetch my models and remaining charts.  I carried it all to the elevators only to find that they were not working.  The boxes weren't so much heavy but awkward.  Jenny came down and helped me carry it all up 4 flights of stairs.  That night's banquet on the 11th floor was delayed until 6:30 in hopes that the elevators would be working by then.  We must have tried the elevators about 15 minutes before they were operational . . . we walked up . . . it wasn't so bad . . . we needed the exercise!

View from the top: 

The wedding did go on!

For the banquet we were told to dress in the style of the decade in which we were born.  I LOVE to dress up!  I tried to find a shirtwaist dress to wear with my mother's pearls . . . June Cleaver was my goal.  Much easier to get a poodle skirt.  There were some very creative costumes!!!

  Elvis has not left the building . . . thank you, thank you very much.

 Jenny and Paulette . . . staying alive!

 Wendy . . . Aaaaeeeyyy!

 Maxine . . . barefoot and pregnant and tied to the kitchen stove . . . so creative!

 Alice, Wendy & Pat . . . peace out!

And the image forever burned into my brain . . . Ann & Pat!!!  Thanks for the memories!!!!!

Can't wait until next year at the Shepherd's Bush Retreat in Park City, UT.  Can't wait to reconnect with my new and old retreat friends!  Until we meet again . . . 



  1. Hey Bonny! I've enjoyed your updates, thanks for taking the time to let those of us (Tammy and I) who weren't there to get a feel for what went on. I'm so gad you had fun.
    Happy stitching,

    1. We missed you and Tammy! Hope to see you next year in Park City!!! ~*

  2. Great pictures. You all looked great in your poodle skirts and dresses! We had such a great time. So glad we finally got to talk and meet one another. Good to put a face to the blog. After so many retreats of being in the same class we might as well become friends! So glad we did. Can't wait for Park City with the "fun girls.". We will have to do lunch or something. Plus, we can show you around Utah. Maybe something new you have not been able to see or do. Would love to play tourist in my own state! Keep the blog going so I can keep updated. Thanks for all the memories. Keep stitching and good luck with all the projects.