Monday, October 28, 2013

Retreating Again!

I was going to take this piece to finish at our EGA Retreat at Lake Junaluska, NC (starting this Thursday), but I finished the stitching last night and I just had to put it together this morning.
Yes, I did change it a bit.  I just thought that big pot was distracting from the house and the words . . . personally, I like it better now.

Our EGA Retreat is just a "bring your own projects" kind of retreat.  Everyone works on whatever they want.  We have quilters, cross-stitchers, needlpointers, knitters, crocheters . . . whatever strikes your fancy!  I've been gathering my possibilities . . . the partially done:

Or the "I can't wait to get started" ones:
What's a girl to do?!?  I may just take them all and work on whatever I'm in the mood for . . . DANGER, DANGER . . . you know that means starting something new!  What do you think I should be stitching at the retreat?  We'll see!!!

Can't believe I forgot to show you the ending gift at the Dyeing To Stitch Retreat!  We got these darling boxes hand painted by Liberty Hill at the end of the Banquet.  Too CUTE!



  1. Nice finish on the Stacy Nash piece. Like the concept of "realized" stitch. So many choices, so many great designs. Love the Liberty Hill retreat box

  2. Nice thread keep! Oh, go ahead and start something new! You KNOW you want to. Love the redesign on the Stacy Nash piece. Wish I'd thought of that. Too late now, not interested in frogging. Fingers are getting anxious to start on Christmas projects, but NOT BEFORE HALLOWEEN! Gonna keep on working on Jack's Bash. Then I'll start Jeannette's Joy, November 1st.

  3. LOL! I had forgotten to show the box also. I would bring all the projects and decide there which one to work on. That's what I usually do. What if you decide you wanted to work on something you didn't bring. Better to be safe than sorry. :)

  4. You see . . . I should take the smocked bell ornament and/or the heart needlepoint (both are EGA projects and the folks that taught it will be there for help) . . . BUT. . . my ADD tells me to start something new!!!!! ~*

  5. They're all nice. Think I'd finish the Hare's Christmas, then start something new (BBD) if it was my stash / retreat! It'll be fun whichever you decide to do... Enjoy!