Monday, October 21, 2013

Projects Completed

Last week I received my Zippity Do Dah (by La D Da) back from Jill Rensel (Rensel Studios) in Ogden, UT.  I left the piece with her at the Shepherd's Bush Retreat last year.  I told her there was no hurry . . . it will be for my "someday" grandchild.  Well . . . I couldn't just put it in a closet somewhere until that "someday".   So, I hung it in the guest room with pictures of our daughter when she was little (she's 23 now).  I love it!  Jill does such an amazing job enhancing a piece of needlework!  THANKS JILL!!!!
AND . . . I finished "Jack's Birthday Tart" by Plum Street Samplers in plenty of time for our Halloween Party last Saturday night.  I would have loved to have kept it on the dinning room table with the skeleton's hand reaching for it but, I was afraid someone might spill something on it . . . so, I put it on a shelf.
Now to decide what projects I'll be taking with me to work on at our EGA Retreat at Lake Junaluska in a week and a half.  So many to choose from!!!!



  1. Well worth the wait from Jill. She did a fab job!

  2. Zippity Do Dah turned out soooooo pretty!
    Love the Jack's Tart.