Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Dyeing To Stitch Retreat - More Fun!

Let's back up a little bit . . . Wednesday evening we had dinner at Captain George's Seafood Restaurant (tons of food choices on the buffet . . . I thought pricey though for a buffet) with retreat friends Rabbit and Diane who we reconnect with each year.  Barbie and I got the drink special that had a flashing multi-color plastic ice cube in it to take home . . .  the ice cube will show up at our Halloween party probably in the Sangria pitcher!

Thursday we also had "Evening with Friends".  There was a cute little stitched book project presented.  Each of the participating designers designed a page.  Sharon (from The Purple Thread) walked us through the finishing process.  Depending on your understanding, note taking and finishing experience, you may be able to put it together when your stitching is complete . . . all the materials were provided, but no written instructions were included.  I can't even show you the finished project because there's no picture of it in the packet.  Good luck with this one!

Friday, the classes began.  We had Jeannette Douglas first.  She's so cute, animated and I love listening to that Canadian accent . . . eh? LOVE her!  We've had classes with her before and we always learn a few specialty stitches.  Her patterns are very thorough and she demonstrates them on a large perforated card . . . thanks Jeannette!

The Fun Girls are having FUN in Jeannette's class!

The retreat shop opened after class and the shopping frenzy began!!!  Wall-to-wall people!!!!  They checked name tags to be sure that you were a retreat participant before allowing you in the shop.  There have been people in the past that would show up just to shop and snatch up retreat exclusives.  There are still those who will buy for friends at home which denies the retreat participants the opportunity to purchase some things.  It's frustrating!

We headed out to lunch and found a Thai restaurant in a shopping center with a Michaels . . . more eating and shopping!

So . . . I couldn't be at the beach and not put my feet in the water!  The Fun Girls decided to stay in the room and stitch while I headed out to the beach.  I had a long enjoyable talk with Reeta (from Utah) as she stitched on her first floor balcony and then met LuAnne and Karen (from Minnesota) stitching on the beach . . . as the tide seemed to be coming in . . . more kindred spirits to reconnect with each year!

Friday night was an evening with Stacy Nash with a dessert buffet immediately following the class.  Stacy's project is adorable!

 More retreat friends (The Teacher's Pets) Wendy, Pat & Alice.

 Rabbit & Diane

The desserts were delish I might add!!!!

Til tomorrow . . .  ~*


  1. No worries.....we are going to post a finishing video for the little book so everyone can put it together.....along with lots of pics on the blog. This is a fab worth the effort!

    1. Great idea!!!!! It is such a cute project! THANKS Ann, you're the best! ~*

  2. More fun is right, & Stacy's project is great!

  3. It is fun...put it on your bucket list! ~*