Sunday, February 15, 2015

3's A Charm

Day 3 of the Market reveal with 3 interpretations of a single pattern . . . "Her Majesty".  I gave this pattern to several friends and asked them to embellish it in any way they'd like. . . beads, buttons, trims, charms, different fabrics, different threads, different finishes . . . whatever . . . be creative.  Although not all have had time to complete them, here are 3 of them finished . . . there will be more at Market!
Mine is the green pillow with the gold braid. Jenny used a dark fabric and the crown really pops. Myriam was inspired by her granddaughter's love of the movie Frozen and she used metallic threads on a glittered fabric (her's was finished by Faye - The Carolina Stitcher).  It's a simple pattern meant to spark your creativity . . . let it go!


More to come tomorrow!

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