Monday, February 16, 2015

Necessity Is The Mother Of Invention

Yes it is.  My first Market I never thought about the hotel door not staying open by itself . . . pretty important when you're open for business.  We found something heavy enough to hold the door . . . made do.  The last Market we found a rock and tied some burlap around it.  Surly thought I would find something "cute" somewhere to hold the door . . . I do have an old heavy black iron I can use.  But . . . what about a covered brick?  Paver bricks at Lowe's $ .60.  Cover it with batting and wool and blanket stitch a "welcome" sign on it . . . bingo!  Oh . . . this is cute enough to make a pincushion out of.  "Welcome" to my stitching spot!
No you didn't crochet a picot trim around it . . . thought you weren't going to do that again after the "Amazing Grace" piece.  Yes, I did . . . with pearl cotton . . . it wasn't so hard.  I didn't have one of those cute trims from Dames of the Needle in the right color . . . not time to order one from Elizabeth.

Hope you like "Welcome"!

One more new design tomorrow . . . be sure to stop by!



  1. What a great use for one of those paver bricks! I like the crocheted edge around your pillow. Lovely design!

    Robin in Virginia