Friday, February 13, 2015

Lucky Friday the 13th

Yes, for some reason the number "13" keeps cropping up in our extended family in lucky situations.  The luckiest for us was Friday the 13th in February 2009 when The Hubs had surgery to remove his right kidney and the cancerous tumor attached.  It was really lucky that it was found in the first place as this type of tumor isn't usually discovered until it's invaded other organs and it's too late to successfully remove it.  All margins were clean and no follow-up was needed.  He remains cancer free!  I call that LUCKY!!!!

So . . . I am lucky to share the first of my Nashville Market releases with you today on another Friday the 13th in February with a healthy hubs!  I call this one "A B Crow".  I really like the colors in this one . . .
but what was I thinking stitching it on 40 count . .  thought my eyes were going!  I usually stitch on 36 count for several reasons.  I can use one thread over two (using less thread).  It's smallish so doesn't cost as much for fabric or to be framed.  And the result is smaller (rapidly running out of wall space) and not as difficult to pack up and display for Market!

I've had this fabric (Lakeside Linens - Vintage Meadow Rue) for some time and thought it looked great with the threads I chose . . . didn't even look at the tag until I was typing up the pattern cover (so my eyes aren't going just yet . . . it was the fabric!).  Of course, it comes in other counts and you can choose whatever you are comfortable with.

Feeling lucky?  Check out The Nebby Needle Facebook page to see how you can win this pattern!

Look for another release tomorrow . . .



  1. What a lovely sampler you have created! I love the frame molding you used.

    Enjoy your weekend!

    Robin in Virginia

    1. Thanks Robin. Packing up for Market I realize I've used this frame on several other pieces as well . . . guess I like it!

  2. Lucky? I would say blessed! :)

    You are right...the colors are beautiful in this one. Can't wait to see what else you have up your sleeve! I, too, am having a love/hate relationship with 40-ct. right now. You're the reason I even started using it to begin with so I blame you! :) Seriously, I learned a lot from you about stitching on 40-ct. and I feel like I can actually afford to stitch with silks when I use it! Heaven!

    1. Definitely blessed! Haven't heard from you in a while. We need to catch up!