Sunday, July 15, 2012

Another Launch

It's weekend-two for Mark's Trains at the Tri-Cities Flea Market (Building 12).  Tri-Cities is the largest flea market in Eastern Tennessee.  This is a year-round, mostly indoor flea market . . . it's huge!  I've been busy making business cards and signs for him . . . his booth sign:  hand-drawn with love by me.
: )

There's been a lot of interest, enough sales to more than pay the first month's rent and several folks have discussed selling their old trains to him . . . yes, he buys trains as well.  He's working on a website too.  The hubs is having a blast!

Now . . . for me . . . it's time to get the craft room (I mean the "studio") unpacked and organized.  Gotta get these designs charted up and stitched that have been floating around in my head.  Gotta get back to stitching each night . . . what's happened to my routine?  No wonder I've felt so out-of-whack lately!



  1. Very happy that the train business is up and running. Thrilled that things have started off so well.

  2. My stitching routine has been out of whack as of late, too. I chalk it up to one word.......summer!! :)