Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Drowned Rat

Finally found the time to check out our local stitch shop . . . Cross Stitch & Crafts, in downtown Johnson City.  Sandra bought my designs!  I will never make any money as a designer . . . yes, I bought more than I made.  Oh well, it does keep me in my craft without much guilt!  Sandra is a delight as well as Amie and the shop is well stocked with all the designers, threads and fabrics I love . . . danger . . . danger!  It will take all my will power not to be a frequent flyer!!!

Sandra invited me to attend the local Embroiderers' Guild of America meeting next Tuesday evening in Bristol TN/VA and gave me a copy of their newsletter . . . looks like there's a lot going on!  I've met enough train people . . . it's my turn now!!!!

I left (after spending about two hours talking with Sandra and checking out the shop) to a deluge of rain and strong winds.  There was a covered walkway behind the Main Street shops (her door is located in the back) all the way to the corner where I parked.  BUT . . . I still had to make my way to Main Street and cross the street.  I held my bag over my head . . . LOL . . . that did nothing in the wind.  I was drenched from head to toe!  It's rained everyday since I've been home I think.  Drove about 3 miles and it was sunny and dry . . . sunny and dry at home too.    I guess I'll go cut the grass while the sun is shinning . . . it's a little high don't you think (above the leach field) . . . but, I'd rather be stitching! 
(My sad little gazebo needs some work . . . and a garden underneath . . . another day.)

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