Saturday, July 14, 2012


During the recent storm here (while I was in Alexandria) the hubs lost power overnight due to a neighbor's tree falling on the lines for just our street.  We didn't know until meeting another neighbor yesterday that they had a tree fall as well.  They own a strip of land across the street the length of our street down to the lake.  They have a modest cottage and use this as a weekend place (they live only about 20 minutes away).  We walked down there after dinner last night to take a closer look.  It's quite a large tree as you can see with the hubs standing at the root end.  It just seems to have snapped off at the base.  It damaged their dock and actually did more damage to their widowed neighbor's dock and yard (her house is for sale).  It took out a couple of smaller trees on it's way down.  What a mess!

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