Monday, July 9, 2012

Wild Kingdom

Home . . . there's no place like it!  I finally got more than 6 hours of sleep last night.  Looking forward to a few more of those!

Watered all my plants today and did the much needed dead heading . . . there's a lot of weeding to do too. The hubs pointed out the black widow spider he's been trying to kill . . . seems at least two have been spotted.  Their webs look like they're on drugs . . . very irregular.  You can kind of see it in the photo . . .  glistening with the spider spray.  Guess I won't be weeding without my garden gloves from now on!

Also found this critter on the dill plant.  Can't say I've ever seen a caterpillar quite like this.

Home with my lighted magnifier, I can now start stitching the Mount Vernon piece . . . there just wasn't enough light at my brother's house.  All I got accomplished there were a few crocheted dish cloths.  The Mount Vernon piece will be a good project to work on while I watch The Bachelorette tonight!  Who will she pick???


  1. I don't like spiders, especially nasty poisonous ones.

  2. Hi Bonny! If I'm not mistaken, that caterpillar will turn into a black swallowtail butterfly! They are all over our dill and parsley in the garden.