Saturday, July 7, 2012

Urgent Care

Yes . . . I did visit Urgent Care yesterday morning.  When I got out of the shower and started getting dressed, I felt something on my back . . . took a look . . . and it was a tick.  Apparently it had been there all night!  I couldn't really get a good hold on it to pull it out and decided it was better left to a professional.  $130 dollars later and a three week supply of antibiotics, I was on my way.  I've been advised to keep a good watch for a bulls eye ring around the "wound" and to seek an emergency room if I have flu-like symptoms.  I promised that I would find a doctor in TN and have a follow-up visit with bloodwork in 4 to 6 weeks.  It seems the larger female tick is usually the one that carries Lyme Disease . . . this was a larger tick now safely secured in a container . . . my souvenir to show my new doctor.

So . . . after my morning adventure, I spent the day with my BFF in hot (temps pushing a hundred again) pursuit of my grandparents' grave.  Seems my father doesn't remember the name of the cemetery his parents are buried in and my mother insisted it was Arlington National Cemetery.  (I didn't recall ever hearing that my grandfather was in the military . . . so I was doubting my mother.)  Finally, after refusing to join a search site, I called my uncle in Florida.  We were off!  The cemetery was very helpful supplying us with a map and with a little walking around, we found them!  (Smile!  My grandmother was always taking our picture.)

Someone had put a flag on my grandfather's grave . . . can't imagine who . . . but it was nice.

We left the graves (after a little weeding) and drove to Great Falls to a saddle shop to buy a gift for the horse lady and horse that so generously gave the horseback riding lesson to my BFF's granddaughter.  Had a two and a half hour lunch at an Irish Pub there.  Came "home" to walk the dog and off to the movies . . . Moonrise Kingdom . . . charmingly bizarre!

Today is my last day of taking care of the "kids". . . and is predicted to be the hottest day since I've been here . . . 104 . . . a good day to stay inside and do the final cleanup/laundry.  The dog and I have become great friends . . . the turtle . . . well . . . I'm not feeling it.

It will be SO GOOD to be back home with the hubs (he's opening his flea market booth today!) and sleep in my own bed . . . and continue to unpack and get settled . . . and set a spell . . .  and swang!  ~*


  1. A tick! YUCK!!!

    Have a safe and enjoyable trip home, Bon.

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